Letting Go

Letting Go

Sometimes in life we need to let go – people, things, businesses, jobs unwanted feelings etc

It’s not always fun or easy but sometimes necessary.

When one is not in the flow and it’s a constant struggle, battle, fight, leaving you drained, empty, doubtful, wondering, confused, frustrated it’s not worth it.

Sometime a bump in the road, or a slight change of things can really make a big difference and you might not need to let go.

But if the same old keeps coming up no matter what, well the timing, the person, the business, the job or whatever may just not be right for you, or you have gotten what was needed.

Sometimes we hang on too long to things already knowing inside that it is finished but we are comfortable and don’t want it to end.

You cannot be happy if you fill your mind with needless worries. Keep your thoughts simple, for peace and happiness will follow and anything that is heavy and weighs you down will probably fill your mind with needless worry or unhappiness.

That is not healthy living or being!!

If you wanna fly – you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down!!

Toni Morrison

Make it a great day – YOU deserve it!!!



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