When Life Gets Hard

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When Life gets hard or even stinky sometimes………

Sometimes it’s interesting what the Universe throws at you!!

Yet as I say that I have to remember – aren’t we the Universe??

Interesting concept isn’t it?

The Universe is actually a feed back loop that shows us what we are truly thinking and feeling and people, places and things show up to play out a role showing us.

I know what you are thinking……….hold on here – you’re telling me I created and attracted in that bs??


Hard one to take sometimes isn’t it?

I know I’ve been there and just was this week –  I’ve probably been there more than I like but that is usually when one either wakes up or gets the lesson and can move on!

Rumour has it that old souls save the hardest lessons for last!!

I had something that came up in my life AGAIN this week and it took me off course  – yet I knew I HAD to take responsibility for it.

F*$# – not always an easy thing to do!!

Here is the thing – no one can do anything to you – it may seem like that but they truly are just a reflection of you or reflecting back to you.

What if Life Reflecting Back to You?

If you look at it that way then one also has to take responsibility – which is not an easy thing today I have noticed – it’s much easier to blame, lie, or go to court J

I took time away from all distractions this week especially social media and I had to sit with a situation this week that I had to keep asking that question – if I am creating this then why? What would I have to be thinking, feeling or believing for this to have happened?

It sent me asking, questioning, reading, researching, journaling, tapping (EFT), meditating, and more – ok I get a little OCD at times but I recognized a pattern and when that happens for me I want to clear the shit asap!!

Walking down the Path to a New Beginning

From Astrology – this week is an intense one that has brought up much karmic stuff, deep stuff and old negative patterns that aren’t needed so that when the Full Moon kicks in tonight it will be worth it – it’s all about New Beginnings!

Sometimes in life we need to go back 2 steps so we can catapult 10 steps forward and I clearly feel and see that now as I moved energy and moved through much this week.

It took me back into my childhood – which if you stop looking at linear time – all time is happening right now and you can actually do much healing work in that realty which will affect you now.

But that will be another post 🙂

Just in time for this powerful Full Moon happening tonight June 9th – New Beginnings – much old karma, patterns and lessons cleared out so you can experience new things  – all relationships, environments, places etc!

This full moon is about Intensity (no shit), Transformation (well worth it) and Optimism – (yes a different reality).

When we are truly ready and willing to do the work, even when it’s not fun at times, it’s hard, it may hurt, it may be lonely, it requires taking responsibility and looking at your own stuff and patterns – it will ALWAYS be worth it!  Embrace it and Blow thru it!!


That is truly growth, expansion, becoming more aware and more conscious as consciousness creates matter – what matter are you creating – consciously or subconsciously??

I will dive deeper into that in up coming posts!

Love being back in the world even more emerged, conscious, expanded, lighter, freer and with passion!! And yes I still have more work to do – that is part of life – you are either growing or being stagnant.

I share this with you for several reasons – if you feel stuck or are going through something – reach out to someone or journal, EFT is a great tool, also Emotion Code or many other energy therapies, (I know people who I can refer you to)  Meditation is amazing and so is doing Yin Yoga – it helps slow things down and reconnects you.  Read previous post on things to get a better insight!

There are many of us being affected right now and going through things yet not always sure what – people that are empathic, intuition is getting stronger, food sensitivities maybe increasing, awareness is increasing, confused as you know things don’t seem right and yet you’re not sure of other things (ie the way the world works or not), feel an impulse to help others, are called towards truth, expansion, healing etc

Take some time alone and Set your Intentions tonight with the Full Moon and start creating some magic!!

Time Alone – Setting Intentions or Doing what Brings YOU Joy

If you’ve missed the full moon by the time you are reading this – set them anyways – it’s never too late!!

Thank you for stopping by!




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