Live Life like it’s Art

Almost every morning, after coffee is poured and drank, I ask my roommate ‘What fuckery is happening today?’

It never ceases to amaze me and I always respond – people believe this crap? Lol

Lots has been coming at us over the last few years and we aren’t done yet.

Why am I saying that, besides the obvious is because you don’t have to participate in it.

I stopped going down rabbit holes, researching all the lies, conspiracy theories, hidden things as it just never ends.  And, quite frankly, we can’t think like these parasitic psychopath can and when you realize that, you don’t want to!!.

One day I asked myself – how do I want to spend my time as it’s my life, my energy, which is my currency that I spend and can get no refunds on.

Going down those rabbit holes did wake me up, educated me and well made me sick to be honest. Not how I wanted to spend my time.

I then took deep dives into spirituality, quantum physics, consciousness, holographic reality and even simulation theory and oh my, what fascinating things, way more interesting I have to admit and fun than the other crap.:) 

Things that we haven’t been told, yet make sense on how this reality works!

I am putting photography on the back burner for a little bit, still doing it but not forefront.  As I am finding it way more fun, invigorating and stimulating to have my energy in knowing I am co-creating my reality and how it’s done and more truth about this reality.

  I will be sharing more in upcoming posts and some other goodies.

Where we focus our attention is what we get and how life plays out and it all starts in the mind.

Nothing is out there, even though it does seem like it is, right?

Oh, the seductions for the 5 senses and all the distractors take us from ourselves, IF we allow it.

And, there are a ton here! They are all part of the experience here, yet we’ve allowed them to control us to certain degrees.

IF you don’t have a plan to create a life in alignment with your goals, values, beliefs and dreams, you will be forced to comply with one that is being built without your best interest in mind.

Yes, we do have more power than we know and I look forward to sharing some perspectives!!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day!


Yes, it’s an older photo I did, but just like a blank canvas for an artist, every day is a new day, unless you are living in ground hog days!

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