Lighter vs Heavier

Lighter vs Heavier

You’re probably thinking I am talking about food and I sort of am, but I have been introduced to a cool tool that you can use with food or anything in your life.

The truth will always make you feel lighter and a lie heavier….now that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a lie period but not truth for you, it could be truth for me though.

You can ask yourself about anything, ie does doing this feel good for me, wait and few seconds and your body will tell you by either feeling lighter or heavier. ¬†You can ask about your food, if I eat this will it be good for my body…..or body do you want this….truth – lighter, lie heavier.

You can even ask about people to hang around with, business opportunities etc.

How cool is that???

We do know, don’t ever discount the knowingness or feelings you get, better yet get more in tune with them…..and know what is yours and what is not.

Here is a little video / music that made me feel lighter and I hope it does for you too!!



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  1. Hey Jodi

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you trained in raw cuisine or rather un-cooking? I have been looking to take a course and thought that I would ask your opinion?


    1. Hi
      I have taken a variety of courses, some through Living Lights when they traveled up here, Raw Rose and I did my private chef training with Elyse Nuff – she was great and so was Rose!!
      Hope that helps