Lost in August

Wow – Summer has flown by!! Maybe because I’ve been travelling and still am – meeting some amazing people, seeing some great new laces, restaurants and food – of course healthy food!!

Del Mar Sunset

I sometimes wonder if I am making a difference in the world or people’s lives as I think that people know about our food, our planet, better choices etc and then I go travelling and realize there is still a big job out there!!


Yes I hung out in my flip flops mostly (I so love that) spent some time at the beach (oh never enough), tried some amazing raw treats and deserts that I can’t get buy in BC and got my creative juices going on creating more recipes – I do love California and can’t wait to spend more time here.

Venice Beach

Got to see some amazing live bands, pick fresh veggies from an amazing garden, clean garlic, have a camp fire, swim,walk in many new neighbourhoods, play tourist (yes a little) sweat tons (it’s hot in Palm Springs), deepen my commitment to myself and my relationship, raw a rattler (no time to get camera) and I could go on………..


And I so love sunsets – I never get tired of seeing beautiful sunsets!!

Del Mar
San Diego

One of the many reasons I love being part of Purium!! David Sandoval and Amy Venner have made it their mission to help wake people up to better health, real foods, whole foods, super foods, to leave less of a carbon footprint in the world and to offer choices – healthy ones that the food giants would prefer you don’t know about.

David Sandoval & Amy Venner

No Purium is not just another co that made a product to see how much they could sell and make it a little healthier than products you find on most store shelves.

Purium 47 City tour

Purium is doing a 47 City tour in 47 Days – here is the link to see if one is near you – I highly highly recommend going to one if you can – it may just change your life in more ways than one!

Purium Ignite 47 City Tour

I also took time on this trip to fully and really be present – yes I took pictures as that is one of my favourite things to do but I also was present and enjoyed the moment – so many great moments – isn’t that what life truly is about?

More great things are coming this fall withy blog so please feel free to share, come back, sign up for a Free healthy Eating Made Easy – as it should not be hard, complicated, boring or expensive!!

La Jolla

Eat Healthy,

Live Well

Create a Life YOU Love!