The Next Bill Gates is the title of the article by Forbes.

The article talks about young entrepreneurs who have made fortunes using technology and  they are still making money ‘even when the world is in the throes of economic turmoil, young, innovative entrepreneurs can strike it rich.’

Is it too late for some of us???!!

It makes me realize that no matter how old we are, if we don’t keep ourselves up to date somewhat on the new technology and that people can and are making money and lots of it right now, we will get left behind, some of us already have been!!!

Kids being born after 1990 won’t know a world without computers or technology, some of us remember the days of of having a channel changer for the tv meant you got up and changed the channel for dad!!

Considering all the ‘more mature’ people I see using ipods, Blackberry’s etc, we can teach ourselves new things.

If this article doesn’t inspire you somewhat to see how you can use technology, the internet, socials sites etc to earn an money, I don’t know what will!!!

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