Merry Christmas!!!

It’s the morning of Christmas Eve and I have been in my kitchen this morning making some raw chocolate treats to share with good friends today.  I am still working on perfecting the recipe and I think I am pretty close!!!

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all who have stopped by, left comments and sent me emails………greatly appreciated!!!   The winner of the Metagreens is Peggy……Congratulations and I will be in touch Peggy.

It does not look like Christmas is here at all, it’s raining hard and windy, but inside the tree is up, lights on and I did no Christmas baking this year, my first ever, and I’m ok with that.  I decided Christmas will come and go whether I do it or not and I was not going to stress this year to try and make everything perfect……….I am learning to love what is.  What a huge weight lifted off the shoulders!!!

Enjoy today, tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the holidays.  Have fun, laugh, don’t worry if it doesn’t get done or it’s not perfect, eat well and love.  Create wonderful memories.

I have amazing memories of Christmas’s growing up in Ontario, now I am making my own traditions with my kids and friends.  I hope you are too!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone

……….and to all a good night!!!


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  1. Merry Christmas Jodi! Best of the season to you and your family <3
    Thank you for the Gogi Berries on Day 2. I'm having all kinds of fun incorporating them into our foods, some have worked, and alas some haven't, but isn't that the fun part….experimenting! I look forward to learning more from you in the New Year. Happy 2011, and hold on it's going to be a good one!

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