It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any photos of Mexico.
Color Blankets at the Market

As I wander around some small villages and towns were is so much to see!
Basket Shop

I have found Mexicans to be quite friendly, happy and even though some are very poor still smile and say Good Morning!!
Guys enjoying a Saturday

No matter where we are in the world we all have our own struggles – yet on Sundays you can go to any park or centre square and it’s full of people enjoying life and living.
Walking to and from the market

A lot of markets with fresh foods are in Mexico – yet processed crap and Coca-Cola have become popular creating much obesity in Mexico – so sad to see as their diet outside of that is quite healthy!
Corner Stores


Stores are different than in North America – not in the cities but in towns and villages this is quite common.
2 Women cooking outside


Many outside and roadside ‘restaurants’!!
Older man selling his stuff at the market


Many street dogs – who can be afraid of humans – once they trust you they love you. ¬†There are some great ‘Gringo’s helping dogs get fixed and find homes in North America ¬†– if you want to adopt a dog – there are some waiting for a good home!
Common scene of dogs taking it easy in the heat


What I love most so far of being in Mexico besides the sun and warmth is the food, ease, friendly people and it just seems so much freer and less stress than in North America – not for everyone but for some of us it’s great!!

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Enjoying a cold drink on a hot afternoon!

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