Milk – The Deadly Poison……

I stopped drinking milk many many years ago when I had a lot of stomach problems.  The funny thing is, when I look back on it is that it seemed I craved milk, wanted it more and had more problems, when I let it go, and I am sure it was over time as I was about 20 years old, I didn’t crave it, that is a sign sometimes there is an allergy or sensitivity.  As a parent, I didn’t give my kids milk, for awhile though, I did give them Raw Milk, as it was part of a diet thing we were doing. I gave them mostly Almond Milk and I hate to admit it as I didn’t know at the time but Soy Milk as well. Now there are people who drink Raw Milk and if that works for them, fine, but I wonder sometimes about the fact we are the only species drinking another species milk……hmmmmmm

One of my weaknesses at times still is good cheese………yup I admitted it here!! Sometimes I like to throw a little Brie into a salad or I have a Greek salad with some Feta and I am fine, but if I eat cheese I do pay for it later, I can feel the difference in my body, so it is getting so much easier to say no……….but I also know what is part of milk…….therefore cheese, yogurt and butter are condensed versions with the same crap that is added into regular milk………kind of scary isn’t it??  I don’t eat yogurt so that makes that easy and I use coconut oil instead of butter if I need to use it…….ok another weakness of mine is a big bowl of popcorn with a good movie once in awhile……organic popcorn so it’s not GMO’d and coconut oil on it, it’s great for my skin, hair and it tastes great!!

This is not new info, just I believe kept kind of quiet, watch the video and leave a comment, would love to know what you think!!

Have a Healthy and Fantastic Day!!

Here is another little video from David Wolfe

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  1. OMG! The first video is great!! I have to share it. Thanks for sharing it Jodi! I was on a website several years ago that was called milk sucks .com. Not sure if it is still around but this certainly supports it!! The second video I love the quote ( even if it is from Hitler!!) The bigger the lie the more people will believe it! So true, never thought of it that way? Have you ever read the book, “Eat, Drink and be Healthy” ? Their story talks about the lies we are being fed about the foods that are “killing” us… Man have we got some work to do.. One step at a time.

  2. Great post! I would like to learn more about what milk does to the body and why it’s not good to drink.. also soy milk, what are the effects of that on the body? I have never tried coconut oil, but am curious about it.

  3. Jodi, in Canada and in Europe, dairy farmers are NOT ALLOWED to use Bovine Growth Hormone. Whenever I visit the U.S. I always buy organic milk if I need it.

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