Yup….still raining, I need all the motivation I can get!!  It’s suppose to rain all week…..oh yeah!!!!

I could look at it that way or I could look at it as, well I guess I will be getting alot of work done, so that when the sun does finally come out, I can hit the beach and enjoy it!!!

See, it doesn’t matter what is going on around us, chaos, bad weather, moody teens, miserable clerks, grumpy friends, it’s what is going on inside of us that matters. Yes I want it to be nice out, but there is no sense it fighting it out with Mother Nature…..she will win……I can only worry about how I feel or what am I going to do different today to make things better for tomorrow.

I got an email from Matt Morris with his video for a Motivational Monday, you might enjoy that, or watch Elements of Greatness, or Les Brown on Motivation or any other YouTube video that would be good.
You could also throw on some music and dance around the house or sing like no one’s watching or listening, just belt it out or work up a sweat…….if that doesn’t help, get naked and jump up in down in front of the mirror……well maybe not, I thought that it might make you laugh but it could do just the opposite and make you even more depressed!!!!
Find whatever works for you and have an awesome Motivational Monday!!!

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