An every day scene, nothing exciting, not shot perfectly

I spent last week in a Photoshop Summit – to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement but also very excited at the same time – my world just got bigger!! lol

I have a ton of creative ideas in my head and yes I started shooting some of them, and spent last week learning more of the how to’s now I am leaning more into playing with new tools!

It opened my perspective up of other possibilities and using my imagination more that is for sure for Photography and art!! I will be posting about imagination in upcoming posts – we need to be using ours now more than ever and I will explain why!

Speaking of Possibilities, my next class is up and starts in May – Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Creating a New Story – you can find more info here.

We do live in a world of infinite possibilities, it’s not just a catch phrase – at least to me anyways and when one truly INnerstands this, their whole world can shift.

Reality is not as solid as we have been lead to believe – love going down the rabbit holes in Quantum Physics and Consciousness – not only is it fun, it’s expansive – the hardest part is to be willing to let go of things we have learned to relearn things that hold more truth.

He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.

James A. Garfield

If you can see thru ANY of the fuckery going on these days then you have a head start!!

With the images today, I wanted to share just one – of what I see and then what I can create, and when we engage our creativity (also imagination) a whole new world opens up!!

If you would like me to do a post on how to with ICM – leave a comment or shoot me a message.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Same exact spot – ICM – using creativity

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