Old Kitchen Things

Old Ways

How often do we keep doing the same things yet we no we aren’t getting the results we need or want to in any areas of our lives?

WE have so many modern day conveniences in our kitchen compared to the olden days to make our lives easier yet if you stop and think about it, it was pretty basic and simple back then – food was food.  It grew in a garden or  from a farm for the most part.

Eating healthy was easy!

Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, GMO’s, additives, perservatives, hydrogenized, enrichment etc just didn’t exist like it does now.

When did eating and our food supply get so complicated, confusing and distorted?

I encourage you to add in your way of eating today – something that is pretty basic or real or natural and maybe, just maybe let go of something that you know isn’t real, healthy or allowing you and your body to be the best you that you can be.

Sometimes the little things done consistently can create big changes over time or allows up to continually build on so that huge shifts can occur.

It could be drinking more water, water instead of coffee or pop, taking your lunch instead of grabbing fast food, preparing healthy snacks instead of fast grab coffee shop snacks, it could be eating salad instead of fries, eating more raw foods instead of cooked, could be 1 min in front of the mirror saying how great you are instead of focusing on something negative about yourself…………..for a few examples.

Can you imagine – something a little bit each day where in a year you, your health, your body could be??

Amazing possibilities isn’t it??

Exciting isn’t it??

It can be done – one step, one day at a day – that is the power of NOW!!


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