People of Antigua


People fascinate me.

I love people watching and I am alway curious about who they are, what kind of lives they have etc

It was no different being in Antigua. They let me take this pic if I paid them – with pleasure I did!!


Other countries fascinate me – how they live, their cultures etc

It leaves me with many questions – which many will never or can never be answered.


These a just some of the photos I took of the people there!! 🙂
Vendor in doorway

Many of the women dressed this way
Walking the streets – Antigua
Lady in Antigua


Curious – is she tired and taking a break?

Where is her husband or does she have one?

Is he too out vending or maybe home sick or………?
Woman in the Square with her load


I saw so many women carrying such loads – on their heads and baby in tow – front, side or back – incredible!
Taking a break – Antigua


What I have witnessed in other countries so far is the family works together and many times kids are young – yet they are together.
Old Mayan man – Antigua


I was curious as to where he lived and how.
Girls in Antigua

Caught a moment of joy and laughter – was there a good joke??

This photo left me wondering much……

is she mad at her mom and this is her baby brother?

Or is she a single parent and having a moment?

Is she a tired single parent? (and young)

Or is she just tired?

oh and more………
Beggars in Antigua


These 3 ladies were interesting.

There were about 50 ft from one another, hand out, eyes closed and just sitting and waiting.

I wondered if they were praying or just tired at life.


What IF I was 5 minutes later on any of these people……..maybe there would be a different expression to lead to a different perspective therefore different questions.

Just a thought!! 🙂


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