Point of View

Point of View

I have been participating in these classes lately so I can move through some of my own stuff, but also it’s the coolest thing I have ever come across and have become a facilitator in the basic process and can’t wait to learn more and to share it, but I have to be honest – it is and has been pushing all my buttons in regards to food.

What if there is no good or bad, right or wrong foods – it’s just a point of view.  A point of view that someone had and started sharing it others like me, maybe you have taken on points of view as well, that is leading us to have a judgment, conclusion or make a decision about what is good or bad, right or wrong??

I know!!

And it keeps getting better!!

I have been really looking at all my stuff around food – what I should, could and can’t or shouldn’t eat, and like wow it’s kind of f*^% up!!! I’ve had some interesting point of views let me tell you!! I have also been asking alot of who’s stuff is it – as I have had a tremendous amount of guilt about eating alot of things – that ain’t healthy!!!!

Everything is energy, especially our emotions and if we’re feeling guilty, shameful or anything else that really is negative or anything that doesn’t leave us feeling great, vibrating joy – about what we are eating, well that just does more damage.  If we are restricting or denying ourselves, that isn’t healthy either.

What if we really started listening and talking to our bodies and asking it what it really wanted to eat? Or do?  How different would that be…..without any feelings of guilt or shame or I don’t have time or any other yeah but’s????

Just a new or different point of view I thought I would share with you…..remember a truth will feel lighter, a lie heavier……so how do you feel about this??


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  1. Very interesting topic indeed! I think it comes down to nutrition – most people’s bodies are so deprived of all the basic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and our blood is full of toxins – not only from eating ‘bad’ things but from the basic day to day exposure we have. Our mattress, the air, water, the carpet, the grass – toxins are everywhere ein our environment now. When clear toxins and allow the body to be infused with high quality nutrients – most ‘cravings’ etc. disappear. You will probably find that your body is attracted to real, whole food – including meat!

  2. Our culture revolves around food and we don’t eat because we are hungry. We eat because we can. We don’t have to hunt our food. We don’t have to plant or kill our food.

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