Beyond the Illusion

"Beyond The Illusion
- Unleashing Your True Self"

It all started with my book A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love, then the book Beyond the Illusion – Unleashing Your True Self which took me deeper into myself and I started innerstanding the mind prison I was in / we are in at a deeper level and dissolving it that liberates our truth, our soul, our expanded self and we go from surviving to thriving – which is our default setting.

This is where we learn to play in the quantum world of possibilities and play it well.

Understanding energy is to activate the potential within.       

Discover the transformative power of transcending illusions to realign your energy with your deepest desires and truly embody them.

Beliefs are powerful – in every way.

Our reality is shaped by our perceptions and beliefs, what IF we could reshape them to craft a reality of intention and awareness?

Shift your mindset, transform your reality – imagine effortlessly aligning every thought, feeling and action with your desired future.


My programs are about shattering the illusions that hold you back, it all starts in the mind – we free the mind so that your soul can be unleashed! Then you learn how to play in the Quantum World of possibilities and play it well.

This is where we say goodbye to old stories and limiting programs that have been dictating your life. It’s time to step into your power and embrace a reality where anything is possible. It’s what is separating you from the real you.

Become unstoppable, unapologetically you. Shed the layers of societal conditioning and embrace your true essence. Discover the courage to live life on your own terms, fearlessly and authentically.

It’s time to get Beyond the Illusion!

I’ve created several programs based on my struggles and overcoming them.
Food & You
Beyond the Illusion – sample the first 3 modules for FREE here
Recreating a Life After 50!

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In the short time working with Jodi, I can’t believe how things have started to turn around not only in me, but also my life, so grateful.

– Kim

I appreciated Jodi’s listening and guiding skills as she helped me uncover some issues I was stuck with and I haven’t looked back! Thank you

– Shelly

Jodi’s ability to give a different perspective has opened more doors for me than I could have ever imagined.  She helped me see myself in a new more loving way.

– Barb

Jodi has helped me get very clear on the life I desired to create, with her process and perspective I have already been manifesting things on my list and super excited to do more!

– Amanda

In only one session with Jodi, she helped me see the best version of myself and gone are the days of beating myself up, I wish I would have known this stuff before, I am so excited and grateful.

– Tanya

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