This one is great and no one can tell that it is raw, even my husband likes it, actually he loves it!!
It only takes a couple of minutes to blend this up in the blender and remember adjust things according to taste, this
is just a guideline to go on, if you like more garlic, add more, or lemon or anything else, just make it so that you like it
and enjoy it!!

Put all ingredients in a blender

2 stalks clery cut up
2 cloves of garlic
squeeze juice of full lemon
celtic sea salt & pepper to taste
few flakes of dulse (optional but adds flavor
1/3 cup cold press olive oil
1/2 tbsp tahinni

These ingredients are optional as they aren’t raw, but I add a couple of drops to give it more flavor
wortshire sauce (or tamari or nama shoyu)

Blend up to smooth and to your liking.
Pour over romaine or any other kind of lettuce, eat and enjoy!!

Here is a recipe for raw croutons which are awesome!!

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