Raw Chia Crackers

Chia Crackers


I wanted to play with a new cracker style recipe using Chia.  I use Chia off and on and it can create some great crackers, pudding or in smoothies.  I am not understanding baking with it since it gels and expands in water, so my thoughts would be potential constipation.  One tables with a glass of water and you will be full for a while.  It was also used in ancient times as an energy food on long journeys when it wasn’t possible to carry much food again taken with water. so cooking or baking with it, I am not convinced is a good thing.  Just like hemp it has omega oils that are destroyed when heated.

Using a food dehydrator keeps the temperature under 115 and the nutrients and enzymes are still living!



Mix well together and let stand overnight

Mix remaining ingredients in and let stand another 12 hours (optional but it brings in a fermenting process a bit so it’s easier to digest or you can mix all ingredients together at once and let stand 12 – 24 hours)


Chia Crakcers

Depending on the thickness you may need more water, you don’t want it runny yet not too thick either to be able to spread on the sheets in the dehydrator.

Spread out and score and let dehydrate for several hours (approx 6 hours) and flip the sheets removing the sheet so it’s right on the tray and dehydrate until crisp or desired crispness.

Great in dips, spreads or on it’s own.  I  made mine crispy and used in Salsa and Guacamole.



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