Raw Crackers – Yes there is such a thing!!

I have always liked crackers, but have been fussy about the ones I ate before going raw.  So many of them have sugar, way too much salt or hydrogenated oil just to name a few things that don’t need to be in them!!

This is a base recipe, but you can add whatever tickles your fancy!! When I juice, I save the pulp of whatever I juice and I add it in to the crackers so that they are always tasting different.

–  2 cups flax seed ground (preferably freshly ground – coffee bean grinder is good for this)

–  1 large onion finely chopped

– 2-4 cloves of garlic

– 1 tsp sea salt

– 1 tsp cumin

and add a mixture of finely chopped celery, fresh herbs,  spinach finely chopped,  juice pulp,  this is where you can get creative, you just make sure it’s finely chopped or even throw it in a processor a few seconds to pulverize a bit. You can also add dried herbs here to like caraway seeds, cayenne pepper, curry or any other you like.

Mix all together and add in

– 1 cup water

You may have to add a little more water if mixture is too thick.

Mix well, then spread on dehydrator sheets with the non stick sheets, don’t forget to score it or you will have one big cracker!!

Dehydrate for 3-4 hours, then flip over and remove the sheet and finish dehydrating to the crispness you like.


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