It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and as I am writing this I am looking out my window into the rain forest and it is rainy and windy……..and suppose to be like this all weekend.

I am ok with that, as today I am off to the Fall Faire here, where I will have raw foods for people to demo.

The rest of the weekend, w ith this weather, will be spent hibernating and time in my kitchen making some dishes for our feast on Monday with some family and good friends.  I will post next week some of the recipes I made, as you know me, I like to switch them up to my taste, sorry I didn’t do it before the holidays this time!!

In the past I have been able to add raw foods to the festive dinners and they have been quite tasty, I have even been surprised as you can make things to substitute what we have been eating for years, with raw foods and you don’t feel deprived at all.  Of course, that is also a mind set, but your taste buds are all satisfied.

If you decide that it’s the holidays and you’re going just eat whatever (as you may be the only person who is eating raw), then don’t beat yourself up about it.  Sometimes those toxic emotions (guilt, shame, anger etc) do more harm than actually eating the food!!!  I have been the only person before at holiday times eating raw foods, and some people tried it and were surprised at how good it tasted.  And I also found that I didn’t miss the old traditional foods at all.

You may not have the time to be making two dishes of everything, you may choose to spend quality time with people who are dear to you and you don’t see very often.  You may just prefer to be in the moment.  You may not be ready to do holiday raw dinners yet. Or……..

Whatever it is, be present, have fun, enjoy the moment, have gratitude and do what feels right………for you.

Remember, there are no rules……..only self love!!!

Have an awesome day!!!


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