Yes, you read that right…..s on dads.  I have a very interesting living arrangement at the moment, which I am sure would make an interesting reality tv show, but we are not going there and NO nothing kinky is going on either!!! lol

I decided to write about this as I am basically the only one in the house that is transforming my diet and hence my lifestyle and my business.

It is not always easy.

There is always lots of temptation in this house.

They are ruled by their stomachs and advertising.

It’s too hard for them to change or give up some things.

‘Yuk…..too much green stuff on my plate and in the fridge!’ Something I hear often or

‘My friends will think I’m strange!!’…….yes you guessed that right…teenagers!!!

They think I’m nuts, no actually weird.

You know what, I don’t care anymore.  I guess when you get to my age, (and it’s really not that old) what other people think, as long as you act and speak with intregrity and love and remain true to you and your values, doesn’t matter any longer.  I remember the days of being in high school and all of us girls would call one another to make sure we would all be wearing a dress to school tomorrow, someone always backed out at the last minute, my how things have changed.

This is different, for me anyways.  It is an honoring of the real, true self and I have been doing alot of reflecting these last few days (notice no posts) on what is the truth for me.  And you know what, when you hit it on the head, you know it!! And that goes for anything in life……you feel jazzed, you feel good, you feel empowered and it’s almost like a giddy thing.

I am talking so much more than just about raw foods here, but my point is, when you are on track, your track you KNOW it, it feels amazing.  Sometimes, hell, alot of times, when we are moms our needs get put to the side, trust me, I’ve been a single mom, I know!! And that’s ok, but one day comes when the kids are older and it’s not ok any longer, but we are left who are we and what do we want and what happened to us.

For me, they can eat cooked foods, but I am staying true to raw.  If and when they are ready, I will be here, ok yes I do drop hints along the way.  I believe that is important, don’t become the food natzi, yet stay true to oneself, and that is you.  It’s ok to let others do what they need or want to do, but make time for yourself, and let go of the guilt of putting your needs or wants up there to.

You deserve it, don’t you agree??

Love being raw!!!


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  1. You said it beautifully Jodi! And you’re a real inspiration, by standing true to your values and needs. It requires inner strength, courage and a lot of attention on the truth of who you are to get to that point. Acknowledge yourself for what you’ve accomplished, you deserve it.

    Louise x

  2. You hit it our of the ball park with this one!

    Be true to myself….that is my goal!

    Thank you for the heart-felt words, keep’em coming!

    Keep it ‘raw.’

  3. Great title, Jodi (Raw Mom & Cooked Dads)…I can see the layers of meaning there!
    It is inspiring to see someone following their path regardless of what those around them are doing. It’s not an easy path, but will be most rewarding in the long term, not to mention empowering in the now. When making such choices (to follow or to lead–even if no-one’s going to follow you!) one has to ask “Whose life am I living, mine or theirs?”
    As far as kids go, we always want the best for them but it’s not always worth the effort of shoving things down their throats! Eventually they may start to notice how yummy your raw dishes are and that their bodies don’t feel like crap when eating food in its most natural, unprocessed state.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best on your adventurous raw path!

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