Noodles with Coconut Lime Dressing
Noodles with Coconut Lime Dressing

Raw Vegan style for this recipe!!

Whats kind of cool about eating more raw foods, natural foods, (yes even superfoods) is once you learn a few ‘new’ things, food preparation and clean up is a lot less – I do not miss washing dishes that have baked on stuff – those days for me are done!! ūüôā

Having the base of raw Cashews can set the stage for any creamy style sauce Рthe rest is only limited by your imagination!!  For this recipe I us.ed Coconut water, cilantro and fresh limes Рbut you could really use anything

I just finished watching most of The Truth About Cancer series – the last episode last night was with people that overcame their cancer and how they did it – each one did something different but the main theme was they changed the way they ate big time.

I have been asking people lately about our programming, asking why, asking what is normal and so on. ¬†We seem to think it’s ok and cool to have National Twinkie Day and yet what’s normal about that? ¬†What is the health benefit about a twinkie – I mean it has a shelf life longer than my dogs life, no nutritional value, chemicals, preservatives, hydrogenation, words I can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are yet it’s ok to promote that as a food?

I am starting to ask better questions and in my asking them hope that people start waking up and start ¬†asking questions too, or better yet make different choices ¬†– healthy eating shouldn’t be hard, confusing or difficult. ¬†I believe we just need to undo some programming around food that we have gotten for many years now!!

Just me 2 cents worth – thanks for reading!!

Always of course wash the ingredients that you need to and even though I don’t use the words organic – I use organic as often as I can and hope you do too!! And yes I would still wash the fresh veggies / fruits!

Coconut Lime Dressing

Р 1 cup raw Cashews

Р juice of 4 limes with the zest of one lime

Р 1 clove Garlic

Р 1 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

Р 1/2 cup Coconut Water (fresh or canned)

Put all ingredients in a Vitamix or Blender and process until smooth, depending on how thick you like the sauce will determine if you add a little more Coconut water (or even plain water)

I used a Spiralizer for the Zucchini noodles – click here to see that. ¬†I also usually use approximately 1 small to medium size Zucchini per person (also depending on if it’s a main dish or a side dish)

Once you have the noodles, put into a bigger bowl and add in the sauce and mix well.  When being served, add in raw Black Sesame seeds, chopped Green Onions and chopped Cilantro РI love Cilantro so I add a lot Рuse how much you like!!

Can eat with a fork or chopped sticks!!


Thanks for sharing this!!

Eat Healthy

Live Well

Create a Life YOU Love!!


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