Re-Birth to More of YOU!!


‘There can be no re-birth without the dark night of the Soul, a total annihilation of all that you believed in and thought that you were.’

     –  Hazrat Inayat Khan


‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.’

     –  unknown



I’ve been laying low recently – diving deep into shedding more layers to get to the truth of me.  It’s been a re-birth process and now I can share some – as the joy and excitement are fully back!!

I am learning that it’s an incredible time in the cosmos for growth awareness, expansion, releasing and consciousness – in other words major up grades for some of us that are doing the internal work.

Not always fun – but always so worth it.

Maybe you have been slammed in life recently by a 2 by 4 as you didn’t notice the little nudge you were receiving and didn’t want to listen – it’s ok – just don’t stay in the victim mode – things can and will get better.

I know!!

My Soul put me in Mexico 18 months ago – where I knew no one and couldn’t speak the language and I was house sitting so couldn’t be ‘travelling’ on on the move aka run. 🙂

It also took away all my distractions – my kids were off in other countries travelling and I knew they were doing well, my dog transitioned right after coming down here – my kids always teased me about him being the 3rd and most favourite child – he didn’t talk back 🙂 – he left I knew to give me my freedom, and then my partner of 21/2 years had an affair that got twisted and toxic.  So on my own – I knew it was time to do the deep dive within.
Embrace the Loneliness so it has NO Power Over YOU!!

Yes it was hard, lonely and frustrating at times as there were tears, anger, pain but now I reflect back and everything lined up so well for me to keep doing the work – people that showed up with great tools to assist me like The Emotion Code, she is amazing at uncovering, Yoga Teacher Training in Sayulita, time in Cuba where I probably walked over 100 miles in less than a week and shoot about 2000 images and many other walks, Temezcals, Intuitive Guidance by a dear friend who is extremely gifted, Soul Retrieval from another gifted person, new friends and experiences and the willingness to dive deeper into my subconscious, my emotional pains – ones I never fully healed of an eating disorder. I did not give in or stopped living – I moved forward even when it was painful – there is nothing more painful than being discarded like you never mattered – sign of a narcissist.

It’s a trauma to the body, mind and Soul – it’s a form of Soul rape – that is how serious it is and there is no polite way to say it.
Don’t Keep Yourself Imprisoned – Set Yourself Free

This past little while there was deeper diving as I connected with a Soul Sistar just in time before I almost re-cconnected with my ex – we connected in time to help put some puzzle pieces together and make me aware of narcissistic relationship abuse – something I was trying to deny. A big shout out to her with love and gratitude.  She was the other women and also is healing from the same crap.

Why do I bring that up?

A couple of reasons – it’s way more dominant than people realize because many of them just fly under the radar yet leave deep wounds. Many hide behind health or spiritual lingo – so you think they have it together – it’s a big manipulative mask. It’s also in the energies right now for people to do healing – these types of relationships leave deep scars. The other women (or guy) usually is not the enemy once you get past some of the deep emotional wounding so you can see clearer.

If you or someone you know is in any type of abusive relationship – physical, mental, emotional or psychological its time to get out!
It’s OK to Let Go of the Junk – especially IF You’re NOT a Junk Collector

Not always easy but many of these people can’t and won’t change – when you gather the courage and strength to move on – your life will get better especially if you do the work so you don’t attract them in again and up your self worth.

Many are master manipulators so anyone can get easily charmed – if you suspect – chances are…….if you are experiencing cognitive dissonance….chances are…………..if you are being lied to, cheated on, manipulated, gas lighted……..chances are…..if you have conversations that run in circles yet with no clear answers….. chances are……..

You deserve much better.

You are worth it.
Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Who YOU Are

No one deserves the abuse that goes along with a narcissistic relationship – it’s the biggest mind fuck ever……literally.  These type of people are run by their false self ego and need energy sources as they are lifeless inside – wounded yet will never be able to heal.

My friend shared this great lady with much info, vids etc – I highly recommend checking her out for more info – Melanie Tonia

I share all of this as my wish that even one person reading this will be helped as it’s beyond comprehendible what these people do – it’s Soul sucking and it’s usually pretty twisted – you just can’t make this shit up – yet it’s also devastating – mentally, emotionally, physiologically and financially  – for some quite serious.  As there is no substance to the relationship for them – you are just an energy supply so it’s all fake.

Hard one to accept – I know.

With the portals, cosmic energies, and the evolution of Souls, Consciousness and more – there is never a better time than now – to get out, heal and create a life you truly desire.

I can only share what I’ve gone through and it’s not always easy BUT ever so worth it.
Some Things Can NOT Be Fixed

From the shit show has come healing, more clarity and more of me has returned. I have dived into Consciousness, Quantum Physics, my joy has come back for Photography, my self worth has grown and so much more.

From shattered and low self worth to feeling confident again and changing directions so that my Soul and I are way more interconnected than ever before.

I can now stand in my self, with my Soul and with a stronger connected to Source and be grateful for it all.
BE & SEE the Beauty YOU Truly Are

I’ve been able to let go of things, businesses, people and old memories that no longer served me and created space for new things, people, experiences and creativity of a much higher vibration and  consciousness.

Remember – Actions speak louder than words – what people say and what they do have to be congruent – if not – get the hell out – you are worth much better.

That is the start of Self Love.
Find Things that Honours & Nurtures You & Your Soul

As the snake shed’s it skin and goes through a re-birth – this too has been a re-birth – if animals do it so can we!!

Create a new beginning  – it is Your Life – Live it well.

Life is a never ending learning, growing and remember who You really be – there is no finish line there is only loving and living well.

So excited now at what is coming up as I am working on a couple of Photo projects.

Hope you’ll check back and thank you for reading – please share if you know of anyone struggling in any sort of abusive relationship – that is not why you are here!!

Much Love




‘If you want to be enlightened, you will have to allow some destruction and reconstruction in your life.’

     –  unknown
Reclaim that child like sense of wonder, joy and self love


3 Responses

  1. Fabulous Post.. The conversation which needs to be spoken of, shared and discussed… The time has come ..
    Thankyou for your sisterly support and acknowledgement through this growthful, self loving navigation. So much appreciation for the gift of freedom from the toxic entaglement . Much love, Katya

  2. Fabulous post.
    A conversation that needs to be spoken of, shared and explored. The time has come.
    Thankyou Jodi, for your ‘sisterly support’ and acknowledgement. What a gift of connection which surprisingly enabled us to free ourselves from a painful cycle, (stuck on ‘repeat’) of a twisted, toxic entanglement. Divine intervention and soul guidance was certainly navigating us to a place to where choosing ‘Self’ over anything less, that mitigated our worth and value became the most loving thing to do. Much love on the continuation of this wondrous, expansive journey into our divine nature. xxx

    1. Thank you and yes the time has come – choosing Self over anything else is important now – it’s not the part of being a narcissist it’s about Self Love – 2 totally different things.
      I so appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and such divine intervention it has been!!
      Much Love & Gratitude

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