should be, could be the theme.

A Story of Our Souls by Jodi Burke

Instead, it’s…………..

I’m here to be a reminder for that, to remember love, including myself.


That’s why I am would like to share this.

I have felt it wasn’t the right time to share my book fully, until now.

Many people in the world right now are scared, confused, judgmental, angry, sad and depressed, and none of that gets talked about.

It’s just cases, cases, cases, whats being closed, forcing a jab, one country opens, another goes on lock down and so on. Imprinting us so we get used t it.

What’s it called, the new normal.

It makes my head spin just thinking about everything going on in todays world, none or very little is based on love.

Stress is everywhere and so is fear.

Why we need to Remember Love.

If you are questioning things, this book may be of interest.

What IF, there is another perspective to what is going on today?

What IF, we have forgotten who we truly are, why we are here, and who’s in control.

Even though this is a story book, it was written from a downloaded message to me almost 3 years ago.

Now is the time to remember,  to give a different perspective, to drop seeds of possibly awakening / remembering that there is so much more and you are so much more as well.

What IF there is more truth in this story than on may realize.

Starting tomorrow, until Monday Oct 18th, in the late night, both the ebook and kindle are $0.99 (cheaper than a cup of coffee, and lasts longer) and the audio book is 50% off (still a good deal, listen while you are in the kitchen or…….).

It’s even got pictures!!

A Story of Our Souls – Remembering Love – Check it out here and feel free to share this!!

With much Gratitude


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