Found a soba noddle dish and I just changed several things and made a ‘raw’ dish and it turned out pretty good, even my husband liked it, so you know what that means!!!  Quick, easy and healthy!

Seaweed Salad (serves 2 )

2 – 3 Zucchini’s peeled (a spiroli works well to make a pasta like noodle or you can even fine a grater of sorts and make it work that way, but I have replaced my pasta noodles with zucchini and it always tastes so good and you feel so less heavy after)

1 cup chopped spinach

1 tbsp Wakame soaked for at least 10 mins

3 – 4 strands Macro Kelp soaked for 10 mins and cut into little strips

1 clove minced garlic

3 -4 tbsp sesame oil

Mix alll but zucchini together and either then mix all together or put on top of pasta like zucchini or other noodles.

Garnish with chopped green onion.


There are many health benefits of including seaweed into your diet.

Macro Kelp  is one of the best sources of trace minerals and protein, but it also is rich in iodine and iron.

Wakame also is a good source for trace minerals iodine and iron. Both also have calcium, iron, and a few other vitamins. Not bad for seaweed, so add some to your salads or other things, as it is good for you, but don’t over do it!!


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