Slowing Down


When we really start paying attention – all the signs are there especially the ones our bodies are sending us IF we are paying attention or open to receive them.  Slowing down can be hard for many people especially for parents, single parents or multi- taksers…….something I know well!!

I have been on a work stint in film for the last several months that was quite interesting – would be a good way of putting it.

I learned a lot, met a lot of people, saw some creative & cool things, learned how to do some creative things, saw actors and actresses, met some, watched how shows and movies were made, sets dressed, stages being constructed and oh so much more.

I also worked long days and at my age or where I am at in life – isn’t fulfilling and doesn’t really feed my soul or nurture me.

That is what is sooooo cool about life- there are so many options to choose differently or what to experience.  We really are only limited by our minds!!

I am on a much needed break and I have been able to have some down time – my body was yelling at me – basically with  Adrenal Fatigue – doesn’t get much louder than that – going on overdrive, stress, little sleep and not paying attention to what my soul truly desires.  Thank goodness I have been eating healthy through this all (and no not pumped up on tons of caffeine either) – yes still somewhat easy to do especially when it’s a priority in my life.

Our bodies really do talk to us.  They communicate through subtle hints, messages, aches and then they are screaming at us to get our attention when it turns to pain or fatigue.

Since being off I am doing all I can to nurture my body and soul and it’s amazing how fast things are shifting.

Daily walks, gentle yoga, breath work, meditation, proper supplementation, water, little stress, self love, being creative (for me) and rushing to go nowhere!!! lol

One of the things I have been playing with to further help me slow down is Long Exposure Photography and Black & White Photography (which I used to love doing and hand yes hand coloring) – patience, breath, stillness, quiet, calming – how does it get more magical than that.

Hoping to inspire and share with you in some upcoming posts on the Photography I have been exploring and enjoying – hope you do too.

Today take some time for you and listen to what your body is saying – honor it, be in the moment and have an attitude of gratitude!

Have a wonderful day!!


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