We headed into Vancouver yesterday and had some fun soaking up the atmosphere around the Olympics.

Downtown Vancouver had people everywhere………who were there doing the same thing and having fun, the energy was great.

It was sunny, people were in good moods, buskers entertaining, busy on the closed streets, musicians playing, line ups for things but people didn’t seem to mind (even the 5 or 6 hours to go into the Mint or on the Zip line).

I was proud to be Canadian ad Vancouver really is a great city.

It got me thinking of the Olympics really and the focus and dedication it takes for an athelete to really get here, and as I was people watchng for a bit, yes I do like to do that, I wondered how many of us really do that in any areas of our lives………do you??

Enjoy the photos!!


Down on the water front near the Caldrone.

The Flame

Leading up to the Caldrone…..just a few people!!!


Watching a newsman trying to do his tapping while everyone else is trying to be heard……..quite entertaining!!

Behind the Art Gallery, the crowd watching skaters practice on the ice and over above people going on the Zip line.