Squamish Goddess Festival


 Opening Ceremony on the Friday evening.

I got to have the chance this past weekend to not only attend the Squamish Goddess Festival but to shoot some of it!!

Met some amazing ladies, had some great pampering time, bought some cool things, got immersed in the feminine and with females and oh smooch more!


It was located on a piece of beautiful property outside of Squamish, BC and even thought the days before were raining and raining hard, it cleared up to be an incredible weekend weather wise!!

Tammra Broughton

Tammra Broughton is the creator of this special weekend, who with the help of many hands has started making her dream a reality.

Tammra with Grandmother Kaarlina

Even though I was running around catching sneak peaks aka photos of workshops, singers, vendors and women connecting, I also got the chance to participate in a few and make some wonderful connections and new friendships.

What I love about these events is the gathering of women in a nurturing, inspiring and loving atmosphere where we can leave the everyday grind, competition and judging aside.

We can to reconnect with ourselves and nature – two very powerful things!!

We brought in traditional teachings that have been lost along the way – beautiful Grandmother Kaarlina – had a very powerful group session Saturday evening where the support of women was huge – so needed in our society today!!

There were many workshops to choose from all empowering the self and the feminine, including dance, yoga and great music.

I think in our society today the word Goddess is misunderstood and so needed to bring back balance in this very unbalanced world.

Movement of the body and quieting the mind, expressing, releasing and loving – one can’t put into words what really happens to one at festivals like this – you just have to go yourself and experience it!!

It helps to connect the masculine and feminine inside of us – we ALL have both but unfortunately many of us in todays’ world are running way more of the masculine, live in cities where concrete is everywhere and with technology have disconnected from self, nature and each other.  We have become somewhat lost, losing our traditions, intuition and love.

And there are no age limits!!

If you are around Squamish – Vancouver area next June – I highly recommend attending it is well worth it!!

Have a fantastic day!


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