Steam Clock

Steam Clock

I was up and out early this morning to shoot the old steam clock in Gastown in downtown Vancouver.

A couple of men passed by me with my camera and tripod and the one asked me a few questions.  On his way back he asked a few more questions and we got talking and he quickly shared with me his life story – owning a multiple million dollar company to finding drugs at the age of 43 to being homeless, living on the streets for quite a bit and then cleaning his life up.  He’s now 66, clean, loving life and asked me if he was too old to get into Photography as he wanted a hobby and this was of interest.

Hell no I said – you are never too old to do things you love or that interest you.

So what interests you? Are you doing it or is there an excuse holding you back?

Don’t let life pass you by – Live a Life YOU Love and Do It Now!!

Make is a great day!!


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