Only then will you know.
Only then will you know.


Early the other morning,

I sat down with my cuppa in hand,

closed my eyes and went inside,

but all I could hear was Charlie Browns teacher

waw waw waw.

Talk about monkey mind,

just breath, I told myself

and just let it do it’s thing.

I sat quietly, eyes closed, observing all the noise inside.

There was alot!

Really, this is what is going on inside of me most of the time?

Ever so slowly, so very slowly, learning patience along the way,

it got tired, it got less noisy, it got less busy and started slipping away.

Ahhh, the quiet, the stillness, the peace.

All it took was me sitting and observing, not doing a thing.

Sooooo not easy at first,


that still point made it ever so worth it.

As more of me could emerge from that stillness.

and made me wonder, what else is possible?



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