As my focus, my life and myself have evolved over time, so has the direction of what I offer here.

Since I was big into food, superfoods, alternative health, I started my website in that direction.

When I started to walk up and tap into the truth and powers of my Soul and my creativity, that has changed and evolved.

You will see that in some of the books that I offer and also still keep the fire recipe section.

I still believe in alternative modalities and therapies to help move energy, raise my vibration and consciousness towards real healing and eating real food, yet that is not where my passion and creativity sit.

If there any Fine Art Photos on this site not listed for sale but you would love to purchase one, please reach out to me directly and we can set something up.

All Fine Art Photography (and soon Encaustic) are limited editions or only one of.

Have a magical day!!



Stay calm, balanced and peaceful no matter what is going on around you!!