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Me with Some of My Uranta


Since being in Mexico I have discovered this gem – I love these clothes and now practically live in them – and since I travel a fair bit they work well for that as well.

Uranta was started by a single mom Lucia who is a sweetheart.  She started employing other single moms with living wages in Mexico.  Since then her partner has joined her as the company is not only growing in Mexico but just expanded into North America.

Once people see and try on these clothes they are hooked!!



Me with Uranta Clothing


Uranta also supports a great Drumming project here in the Ajijic area of Mexico for school age kids – I’ve had the privilege of being able to photograph this and it truly captured my heart watching these kids learning the play Drum – things in North America we take for granted, not here.  Seven % of all sales goes to expanding this project, you can also donate directly to this cause.


Drumming Project in Mexico thru Uranta



Gr 1 thru Gr 8

To see more of the clothing for Women And Men – click here – in the upper right hand corner you can click Canada or USA – also FREE shipping on $100. or more in North America!

If you are a Yogi or have a Yoga Studio, Spa, Health Retreat or any other that would love to showcase these clothes or even on your own  – you can become an Affiliate here .  Since they only expanded into North America inApril 2018 – NOW is a great time to join in – plus help these great projects!

If you have any questions – don’t hesitant to reach out to me – jodi@jodiburke.com


Uranta Clothing YOU will Love!!