Happy Halloween!!

When my kids were little, I used to love taking them trick or treating and having them get excited about deciding on a costume, dressing up and getting creative.  I just didn’t like all the junk food that went with it.

We used to visit the second hand stores to put together different costumes and my daughter was quite creative in her choices lets just say!!  Those days are done now as they are 16 and almost 15, but we used to have the Great Pumpkin visit us.  I thought I was smart, but I forgot one thing.

When my two kids were little, trick or treating was so much fun.  Talk about excitement, they could barely eat their supper in anticipation of getting out there going door to door.  Even when we lived in Banff, Alberta and we had to try and fit their costumes over their snow suits it was sooo cold out!!

We would hit the neighborhood and then back home so I could go through the candy first.  You know, just being mom. Then they could eat what they wanted to, ok within reason, but it was just a fun night.  Then, and we always talked about this before leading up to the evening, they could pick out what candies they wanted to keep and put the rest out for the Great Pumpkin to pick up.  See, there were lots of kids in the world that couldn’t get out trick or treating, whether it be where they lived, or if they were in the hospital or whatever the reason.

If they decided to leave out a bunch, ok most of their candy, and yes they decided themselves!! The Great Pumpkin would come in the night to pick it up and leave a little thank you toy in it’s place.  The Great Pumpkin would then take the candy and leave it for the little girls and boys who couldn’t get out on Halloween, kind of like Santa Claus.

So the next morning they were always excited and happy with the exchange.  Yes, the candy went forward to either a hospital, food bank or retirement home and out of our home.

That went on for several years with great success.

This I will never forget!

The day after Halloween, when my son was in Grade 5, he came home after school.  We were in the kitchen having small talk as I was getting supper ready.  He pulled a stool up to the counter and putting his elbow on the top of the counter, he leaned forward and looked directly at me and said…..’So mom, how come nobody else knows about the Great Pumpkin???’


I turned and looked him straight in the eye and we started to laugh.

He knew.

Needless to say, the next year there was no Great Pumpkin and the thought of all the candy drove me nuts, but they had fun.  I was  just happy that the Great Pumpkin   lasted as long as it did!!!

Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!!


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