Story of the Jar

Have you ever heard of the story of  ‘The Jar‘?

It goes like this:

Take one jar,

fill it with the biggest rocks that will fit in untill it’s full…..

then add gravel until it’s full     image jar big rocks

then add sand in to fill the cracks…..

top it off with water until it’s full.

What does a jar full of bigger rocks, gravel, sand and water really mean?

You can look at it in reference to your life and or business.

The bigger rocks symbolize the important things in your life or work. The things that should be done first.  If you don’t fit the big or important things in first, you will not have room for them later on.

Once you place the big rocks in the jar and then have added the gravel and sand, with a little jiggle, they will all find  place on their own.

How much happier and healthier will you be by doing so?

Ask yourself  what is bringing you closer to your goals or how are you really spending your time?  If you are not placing the big rocks first, what are you waiting for?

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