Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Most stuffed mushrooms are cooked but they don’t have to be!!!  Again, another fairly quick and easy raw recipe, who said fast food had to be junk!!

10 Mushrooms with caps removed

Put mushrooms in a bowl and add Toasted cold Pressed Sesame Oil, I find this oil adds a nice flavor, but Olive oil will work as well.

Sprinkle with some celtic sea salt and let marinate for at least 3 hrs, I have left it all day or overnight and that works too, just stir it once in a while.  You may need to add a little more oil as the mushrooms do soak it up, but you don’t want to much.

1/4 Cup Macadamia Nuts – put into processor, you can process them first and grind them fine and it will make the mixture smoother                                                   or you can grind them with the other ingredients and it will be a little chunkier. I have done it both ways I like                                                 it both ways.

2 Tbsp Nama Shoyu or Braggs or Tamari

2 cloves garlic

1 Cup packed Spinach leves

approx 4 – 6 leaves of fresh basil

juice of 1 lemon

process up till it’s mixed nicely, you may have to stop and scrap down sides  afew times

sometimes I also add back in chopped up a couple of mushrooms stems, but that is optional

Fill the mushrooms with mixture and serve as an appetizer.


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