Superfoods Energy Balls & Veg Fest


image veg festGetting ready for the Veg Fest tomorrow on Granville St in Vancouver and will doing samples of these Superfood Energy Balls, having a FREE Draw and giving out $50 Gift Cards to people who are looking for Greens, Superfoods, live, raw, vegan, organic and Non-Gmo!!

So if you are in the area stop by and say hi – there will be some great vendors there!!

What a mission we are on and it’s so exciting to be part of this and connect with such cool people on the same path or journey!!

Just to be up front – this recipe does have several of the Purium products in it as you know it’s about Greens and Superfoods – but you can always substitute your own. These are tasty and will substain you for hours, so a great little snack to carry around and reach for when you get hungry, miss lunch or need a little boost!!

Energy Balls

Superfoods Energy Balls

–  3 cups Dates

–  11/2 tbsp Ric Bran Solubles (Rice Bran Solubles are the most potent, nutrient-rich part of rice. They are amazing plant complexes that contain a wide variety of nutrients not found in other foods.)

–  1/2 cup Activated Barley (is a unique, complex carbohydrate from pre-sprouted grain that is digested slowly, providing energy and endurance for hours. It is a great source of immune-enhancing beta-glucan and has extremely low gluten content. It makes a great addition to any green drink.

–  1/4 cup Hemp

–  2 tsp Spirulina (has been widely regarded as nature’s most complete nutrient source. Purium’s Organic Spirulina is a rich, whole-food source of vegetarian protein, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, and vitamins.)

–  11/2 tbsp Coconut Oil

–  1/2 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

–  1/2 cup Raw Cocoa Powder

Optional is to add instead of the hemp or Cocoa Powder is L.O.V.E. – 1 tbsp –  which will really knock the nutritional value sky high!!)

Throw all ingredients in a food process and process until it forms a ball.  Then break off little pieces and roll into small balls.

You can also roll into shredded Coconut if you like. (both are shown in photos)

Keep in fridge in sealed container and will keep for a couple of weeks if sealed well.

Pop into a little baggie and throw in your purse, car, or fridge at work – great for an afternoon snack instead of coffee or sugary things!!

Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share!!

See ya at the Veg Fest!!


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