Akashic Records

Akashic Records   Akasha is not empty space.  It is Ether. Ether is a subtle dimension of existence.  Without Akasha, you cannot live for a moment.      –  unknown Important encounters are planned by the Souls long before the bodies see each other.      –  Paulo Coelho The meaning of life is to […]

Mind – Heart – Soul

Mind – Heart – Soul   Mind – I’m worried Heart – Just relax Mind  – But I’m totally lost now Heart – Just follow me Mind – But you’ve never been there before Heart – Trust me, You’ll love it Soul – If the 2 of you would shut up, I will show you […]

Self Love

Self Love Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much and is still standing. –  unknown Self Love is NOT selfish – you truly cannot love another until you know how to love yourself. The more you love yourself the less nonsense you will tolerate. It’s […]

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul   I put my heart and soul into my work, and in the process lost my mind!         – Vincent Van Gogh Once you have come to know how great you are – then your heart, mind and Soul will not let you give up!!      –  Shubhanshu […]

Self Love

Self Love     If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.      – Mandy Hale Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time! 🙂 Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that […]

Dreams vs Ego

Dreams vs Ego   If you are very happy – know that you are close to your Self, if you are sad and stressed know that you are close to your Ego.      – unknown   The Ego is a veil between Humans and God.      – Rumi Dreams…..are invariably seeking to express […]


Reality     Imagination is more important than knowledge.       – Albert Einstein   Read that again!!   Our reality is nothing but an illusion. Talk about a mind f*@&……….but it’s true. Nassim Haramein has proven that our so called ‘reality’ is nothing but a feed back loop for our thoughts – in other […]

Daily Inspiration

Thought for today………… If you are always trying to be normal – You will never know how amazing YOU can be!!!! Make it a great day!!! JB

New Beginnings

Have you ever really had to look at your life and have an honest hard to hard talk with yourself about what is working or not working in your life?? No matter what area? Whether it be business, money, relationship, where or how you are living, career or job? Or have you put your head […]

Dance Like……….

Dance Like NO ONE is Watching!!!! You have probably heard that before, but have you really embraced it?? I was in downtown Vancouver and this really caught my attention, as I watched these two – they were dancing, having fun and couldn’t care less who was watching them or not.  They were the only ones […]

Start Your Day

Start Your Day How do you start your mornings? Is it anything like this – Wow, another day of living woo hoo??  What glorious adventure am I going to create today? How am I going to create my day in a way that is fun and expansive?  How can I create my day so I […]