A Moment

Recently one morning, when I did take my camera with me 🙂 I had the pleasure of watching the sun wake up and come alive. No PS or AI in this photo, just nature using its beautiful palette of colors and creating art. I took a few moments and just sat and enjoyed the show. […]

ICMing in the Garden

The Dance

ICMing? Intentional Camera Movement During this past 15 months, and lock downs and quiet time, some of my creativity I felt was not there, yet I truly did enjoy the quiet and slowing down for a bit. I thought I would expand my creative juices in other areas since I also could not do Encaustic. […]

The Sunset – New Work

I had a little show at a cafe / gallery – El Gato Feo Cafe in Ajijic, Mexico this past Saturday. The work is now up on my site and is available for sale. These will be limited prints.   The  Sunset One Sunset One Pier One Night One Camera One Girl yet, so many […]

Fleeting Moment

  Another fleeting moment, How many of those have happened? Time never stands still, As there is only now. Be fully present, Be Alive, Be Real, Be Authentic, Be Love oh and laugh lots too!! xo  

Raw, Naked and Beautiful

Raw, Naked and Beautiful   Most people do not see their beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what to see. This is the simple difference between clarity and confusion.     – Matt Khan   I am also pretty sure that the title Raw, Naked and Beautiful could have some pretty interesting thoughts or images […]

Body Love

Body Love Your Body Loves You – Love it Back!! Fall in Love with caring for YOURself – Body, Mind & Spirit. Your mind is more powerful than you realize and it believes ALL that you put it – feed it with joy, with gratitude and most of all with love! Your body hears it […]

Beauty From the Inside Out

Beauty From the Inside Out What does beauty from the inside out really mean? As you know I love eating healthy, and helping, guiding, inspiring others to do the same. We have been so programmed and lied to by tv, advertising and hidden agendas from corporations that are for profits not health – that it’s […]

Beauty is All Around

Beauty is All Around – where are you focusing your attention and energy? It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you only what’s going on inside of you. That is healthy living. Go and create a beautiful day! I’m heading for the sun but still enjoying the scenes of the snow!! Jodi

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day It’s kind of interesting how we take one day and honor our mother’s and one day to honor our father’s.  I think we should do it more often and you don’t realize that until you lost a parent.  I often take a few minutes and remember my mom and the good times we […]

Full Moon

Full Moon I love the beauty of a full moon. Its bright, it’s big and it’s beautiful – you can see it everywhere. It could be a metaphor in your life – where could you be hiding or not shining your light, your beauty, your talents, your uniqueness? Just a thought…… Make it a Great […]

What is Being Healthy Mean??

What does Healthy Mean to You?? We are all different, different bodies, different thoughts, different reasons of why we want to be healthier. Here’s my thoughts…… Click here to watch