Fleeting Moment

Moments…….in Time

Another fleeting moment,

How many of those have happened?

Time never stands still,

As there is only now.

Be fully present,

Be Alive,

Be Real,

Be Authentic,

Be Love

oh and laugh lots too!!



Being Present

Being Present

Being Present

Nothing is more important than being in the present moment – fully alive, fully aware.’

              Nhat Hanh

Wherever you are Be There – it’s all we have is the present moment – the past is over and the future is not here yet.  Just like in Photography – if I wait even a second I may miss the shot and the moment is gone forever.  What are you missing in your life but not fully being present?

Create a magical day!!



Being Present

Being Present


Being Present – what does that truly mean?

Have you ever tried meditating?

Isn’t as easy as it sounds is it?

For most of us  we spend too much time in our heads , or I can really only speak for myself – I have spent way too much time in my head!!

I who struggled with an eating disorder, also struggled to be in my body most of the time, it was easier and less painful to be in my head – and therefore I got to be a little on the analytical side – not saying there is anything wrong with that, but for me it wasn’t always the best thing.

Not wanting to be in the body for whatever reason, which is somehow connected to some sort of pain in most cases, is a way of numbing ourselves, not feeling, which easily leads to over eating or binge eating.  It also leads to multi tasking and rushing through things or life.

Being fully present is not always an easy thing to do – just try meditating.

But the more we can slow down, connects to the inner core, the more present we can be in the moment – not reliving the past (especially memories that elicits anger, guilt, pain, frustration etc) or worrying about the future but truly being full y present in the moment is about being fully connected and alive.

The past is over – let it go, forgive yourself (or anyone else) and let go of any negative emotions.

The future is not here yet, don’t waste the current moment worrying about something that hasn’t come yet.  That’s not to say don’t plan things but I think you know the difference.

For me I am finding breath work has really helped me.  It quiets the mind, relaxes the body, gets me in my body and any emotions that come up I can breath through and release them with ease allowing for more calmness in my life.

Also Long Exposure Photography – it helps with my patience, staying focused and very present.

Whatever helps you spend more time being present – you might be amazed at how doing something so small yet significant can impact your life, besides YOU deserve to have, feel and live a phenomenal life – don’t you think? 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts and as always please feel free to share.

Be present and make it a great day!!


In the Moment

In the Moment

I went and had some fun at Italian Day where there was lots of music, food, sport cars and people!!

In the Moment

You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. – Joel Osteen

Part of being positive is being present as the present moment is all we have!!

Making a big life change can be scary – you know what is even scarier – REGRET!

Have a great day!!


PS  Now Tell me driving this wouldn’t be fun!!??

Being Present

Being Present

I have been thinking lately about how many people really aren’t present when they are eating.
I know quite a few as I watch people and they usually aren’t present in their daily activities.

How many times have you eaten in front of the tv (as a daily or almost daily activity)?
Or in front of the computer?
How often have you eaten and have eaten so fast you haven’t even tasted the food or really know what
you were eating?
Or you ate so fast and went back for more as you were still hungry and then way too full after the second helping?

How many times do you eat out in a fast food restaurant, food court or a busy restaurant that are noisy too? (fast paced therefore you end of eating fast too)

How many times have you gone and gotten your nails done or hair, or a lube, filter and oil change on your nice shiny
vehicle then stopped off at McDonald’s on the way home eating while you are driving?

So, let’s be honest here, were you really present while you were eating?
That means tasting each mouthful, chewing it many times, putting the fork down between bites and not doing anything else (even barely talking)……savoring the taste, the moment, the food and your body.

I used to be a pro at multi tasking……..I was a waitress and single mom, how many meals do you think I ate on my feet? Or while nursing, talking on the phone and doing something else too!!!!??
Probably too many!!
Sit down, relax, turn the tv or computer off and enjoy your food. Have a family sit down dinner night and talk to one another.
Not only is this for eating, but what about relationships and business…….we will go there more in the next few posts!

Just some food for thought……feel free to share your thoughts below!!