I Surrendered – Photo by Sandra Wagman

It’s been a little bit since I posted, I actually have been doing some cleansing – physically, emotionally and therefore spiritually as well.

I went down to Florida for 2 weeks and while I was there, everything I ate felt like 3 bagels in the stomach – so my digestion was off and so was my elimination – it didn’t feel good.  No matter what I ate – or did (as in exercise) it didn’t help.

Not are what it was, I have a feeling it could have been the  GMO’s I am not used to and completely forgot my Biome (from Purium that combos Gylphosate and GMO’s in the stomach) as I don’t need it in Mexico – I will certainly bring it next time!!

It Can Seem Hard so You Keep Looking Back Photo Credit – Sandra Wagman

So when I returned to Mexico I just knew it was time for a spring cleanse, I felt out of sorts, bloated, grumpy a tad and tired – your body gives you clues when things are off.  Since I know when one cleanses, it’s also an emotional detox – lets go big or stay home – I was ready!!

I have a book I bought a few years ago from Markus Rothkranz – heal Yourself and decided to do a 5 day cleanse but 3 day intense – water only with enemas (fast way to get toxins out and clean the colon)and showers – ok I cheated on those days I also did one green drink a day.  (again another Purium product one of my fav’s Green Spectrum – handy when juicing is not an option).  I also create structured water now in my Vitamix – very easy to do – magnets and water on for a couple of mins – it’s awesome!

A couple of days leading up and after were totally raw foods and very little – fruit and veggies only. It may seem hard once you start yet if you just take each moment, each day at a time – in moments it may seem hard yet when you focus on the end goal it helps to keep you moving forward knowing there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

There is Always Light When One Looks for It & it turns out to be even Better than Imagined!

I also did Yoga and breath work very day – Yoga and breathing are great tools for anyone who suffers from Emotional Eating especially Yin Yoga – it slows you down, you feel your body therefore you are in it and it helps to connect you with your breath allowing you to be present – it gets one out of their heads.

Wow what a difference – I felt so good at the end – I listened to my body if it wanted down time but to be honest it kept feeling more energized – probably because of incorporating enemas and I was also doing emotional clearing on things that came up or things in my past I had no resolved.

Lighter, freer, happier, calmer and more clarity of thinking  – oh my the things that have been coming to me is amazing!!

Energy & Strength for doing Yoga Photo Credit Cherry Bombs

My intuition is picking up so is my creativity again. 🙂

I know it’s still winter where some of you may be yet when spring is really finally there I highly recommend a spring cleaning – your body will love you for it – it’s like a spring cleaning for the house, car or garden!!

A couple of things that I am adding in more and more of is Probiotics – my favs are raw sauerkraut – easy to mix into salads, guacamole, or on the side, Kombucha – yummy and I’ve just started with kefir water and am experimenting with coconut – I’ll keep you posted.

Here is an amazing video by Sasha Stone – The Death of Mortality – you will want to watch!!

Happy to be back  as I have much to share – as once you go down the rabbit hole you have to keep going!!

The movie The Matrix gave us a lot of clues.

The Magic and Miracles are starting!!



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Struggle with Emotional Eating?? 21 Days Food & You will help you break free!

All Bodies Need Cleaning – What My Tummy Felt Like

Cleansing Soup

Cleansing Soup

Cleansing Soup



Since I am doing a cleanse right now this recipe was perfect, but you don’t need to be on a cleanse to eat it.  It is tasty, filling, easy to make and nutritious too.

This soup is totally raw / vegan and as well Gluten Free – making eating healthy easy.

Love how the weather is warming up and these foods are becoming more in season and abundance.   Green is everywhere if you take a look around nature, the leaves not the tress are popping, the grass is growing, veggies are starting to pop their heads and flowers are out in full bloom, where I live in Vancouver anyways!!  Nature always provides for us!

On the cleansing side, I am on Day 5 and am feeling pretty good.  Since I don’t eat much, if any really crap or processed foods, cleansing is easier but I find it’s always good to give the body a bit of a break, it’s preventative, and like going in and having the oil changed on your car or a check up done.  When we do things like this, it makes a difference health wise, even if you can only do a 24 hour one.  Try it, you might be surprised or start noticing you food (or coffee) addictions!!





– 1 med to large Avocado

– 1/2 English Cucumber (can leave skin on)

–  2 Celery Sticks

– 1/4 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt (can adjust to taste)

–  1 clove Garlic

–  small handful Cilantro

–  pinch Cayenne Pepper

–  juice 1/2 Lemon

Throw in all ingredients into your Vitamix or blender and add approx

1/2 cup Water, process until smooth adding approx another 1/2 cup water (depending on if you like it thin or thick and size of Avocados used will determine how much water you add) slowly add in the water while it is blending.

Top with chopped Cilantro and Green Onions and enjoy!!

Told you it was pretty easy and it does taste pretty good too!!


Eat Healthy

Live Well




Yup that is what I have been doing since I’ve returned from my holidays- my body just felt like it needed a reboot, cleanse, detox or whatever you want to call it!!

I broke it on day Day 6 with a smoothie and some raw soup – and they tasted so good, it’s like my taste buds came alive again.

The cleanse was not bad at all, I took the time to really tune into my body and want it wanted – sleep, rest, walking with my dog, hot steams, lots of spring water, juices and I even did the enema route, and journaled for the emotions that come up too – don’t need to go into too much detail on those two but lets just say there was some crap that needed to come out and it did!!

I even watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with Joe Cross and also Vegucated  – I wasn’t that bad feeling – I just felt tired, sluggish and like I needed a break from food – ok I did over indulge a little on holidays I will admit!!  There were  educational and I would recommend both!!

I even cleaned out my computer -all old emails, documents etc, my fridge, closet and people.

Not always easy but when you have a goal in mind, or a chance to really take a look at the good, bad and the ugly why hold on to things that aren’t bringing you joy? Why hold onto things that a heavy in energy, or old, or that you don’t like, use or wear any more.  For me that one day just wasn’t happening so I got really honest with myself about alot of things and it’s amazing when you let go of things you don’t like, use or wear any longer – the lightness you feel, the better you feel or look and sometimes other things and people start coming into your life that you didn’t have room for before.

Sometimes it’s incredible when you step back and have an honest look at your life where you are holding on to some things that could be let go of – too much stuff weighs us down.  Too much over eating or eating the wrong stuff too often weighs us down too.

I know it’s still a bit early for spring but where in your life or body could you do a little cleansing…’s not hard really and it feels so good on the other side even if it’s 24 hours or one closet!!

What could you do today??

Lemon-Strawberry-008One of the drinks I had and broke my fast with and it’s so tasty, refreshing and healthy – Strawberry Lemonade

I squeezed about 2 Lemons (depending on how tart you like it) and I like adding in some of the pulp too but it’s up to you

Added in about 6 – 8 Strawberries (depending on the sweetness)

Add in a little water and ice if you want it cold and blend it up

Was a great morning juice after I got in from walking Spirit – but really any time of the day is good!!

Hope you’re having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by