I’ve been contemplating the concept of work for a while now. I mean, did we truly descend to Earth just to engage in jobs that many of us find unfulfilling or tolerate simply for the sake of money, which also consumes the majority of our days and consequently, our time? How much fun is that? […]

Book Release!!

16 years ago, today my mom passed, way too young, but today it was, 16 years ago. My mother, father, brother and I are all born on the 16th, with my parents being the same month. Sign, coincidence or…………… I don’t know, I just got it’s time  So, this is in memory of my […]


Sometimes I think that we are living in a simulation controlled by the reigns of a destructive child who often gets bored or distracted, leaving us trapped inside feedback loops for years at a time. so why not spend your time doing things that bring resonance and coherence!!

Break the Cycle

Breaking Free In our quest for personal growth and transcending limitations, it’s crucial to break free from the monotonous cycle of daily life. Often, we find ourselves caught in a loop, operating on autopilot. The key to liberate ourselves lies in initiating pattern breaks or interruptions in our routine. The established patterns in our lives […]

The Power Within

I read a very interesting post the other day, but the part that really caught my attention was this – ‘It’s a battle of power vs force. We have the real power; the divine, eternal power with which the universe was created. The other side doesn’t have it, it needs to use force, trickery, gimmicks, […]

Life on Your Terms

Almost every morning, after coffee is poured and drank, I ask my roommate ‘What fuckery is happening today?’ It never ceases to amaze me and I always respond – people believe this crap? Lol Lots has been coming at us over the last few years and we aren’t done yet. Why am I saying that, […]

Things that Feel Good

Do that and more of them!! It’s always about moving towards feeling good. I am learning to cut out things that are distractors, stress me, or just not for me. When I came to Mexico, I was house sitting. Over a 3 years period, I house sat for someone over a year of that time. […]

A Moment

Recently one morning, when I did take my camera with me 🙂 I had the pleasure of watching the sun wake up and come alive. No PS or AI in this photo, just nature using its beautiful palette of colors and creating art. I took a few moments and just sat and enjoyed the show. […]


No other words can describe it!! This is an old photo, but the message is what I want to convey which is with ALL the fuckery going on, and there IS a lot, Remember, it does NOT matter what is going on around you, it only matters what is going on inside of you!! In […]

Imagination vs AI

I took a step back this past week from diving any further into Photoshop as I was wondering if I now have to go up against AI as I’m seeing it everywhere, being promoted more and in PS. Yup, I do!! hmmmm Now, since I am back learning some PS, I must admit, there are […]



Is one of our super powers, yet it’s never talked about really. Everything starts with thought first. Remember, as a child, you daydreamed, and or played make believe. I remember when my son was 3,4,5 years old, he was either spiderman or batman. I had to almost bribe him to get him out of ‘costume’ […]

Left – Right Brain

I watched an interesting talk about the left and right brain and they affect ourselves and also society. What jumped out the most at me was the left side sees things as separate, everything is a separate thing – Everything, it’s linear, logical, doesn’t question, follows science so things like that. The right sees everything […]