30 Days of Photos #24

30 Days of Photos #24   After surrendering yesterday, I woke up today more energized and wanted to work on a new image here it is, it is called The Dance Letting go of what we think we know After surrendering yesterday, I came up with a different image than what I had started on. […]

Dance by the Light of the Moon

Dancing in the Moon

As she danced by the light of the moon, she found more of herself. When was the last time you dance barefoot in the grass or sand, under the light of the moon with music playing in the background and you got so lost in the music, in the twirling and whirling of dancing, in […]

Dance with Life

Dance with Life   I tried to dance with life yet I forgot how, see, through all the programming dancing really isn’t allowed Conform Be Good What will the neighbours think I am told, so now life has me waiting on the sidelines hoping and anticipating that maybe, just maybe I’ll dance again. As a […]

Dancing Around the World…..

If we all could dance around the world or even just dance a little more where we are, what a difference it might make!! Watch Matt as he dances around the world. Enjoy!! J Where the Hell is Matt??