Living Thru Bondage

Living Beyond Bondage I have been working on some programs, grants and submissions recently bringing to light how many women truly are Living Beyond Bondage. This is just the start of truly opening up, sharing my journey, my healing and how so much in our every day world creates separation – mostly within ourselves, our […]

Diets – YUCK!!

Diets – YUCK!! Just google the word ‘diet’ and you will get a list of the best 32 diets. ¬†Google different types of diets and you will get many more starting from the Zone diet, South beach probably a North beach one too, the GI diet, the Dash diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Flexitarian diet, […]


Have you ever really looked at that word and gave it some thought? Diet………hmmm makes you wonder eh?? If you google diet, kinds of diets, type of diets……..OMG…..yet most of them are fads or we wouldn’t have so many of them. Two things I have done to make my food experience better, well 3 but […]

The Challenge…….

  The Challenge……. Have you been hearing about The 90 Day Challenge lately? If you have, you are probably wondering if it works or another hype up magic potion……NOT!! If you haven’t, well you’re at the right place. I have been doing The Challenge for the past couple of months and have just decided to […]

What is Being Healthy Mean??

What does Healthy Mean to You?? We are all different, different bodies, different thoughts, different reasons of why we want to be healthier. Here’s my thoughts…… Click here to watch

Spaghetti Pie

I couldn’t find the original recipe for this one, so I made it off the top of my head last night for dinner, and it ended up tasting good, even my husband ate it!! (And no, he’s not a raw foodie, but will eat what I make and give me honest feed back!!!) I also […]