Duality   Duality is just like a photograph that is black and white. Black – White Dark – Light We all have darkness and light within ourselves,  also known as a shadow self – the parts unseen or not wanting to look at. Dense emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, judgments etc, hidden aspects, wounded […]

Food & You

Food & You   Finally, I have released the book  – Food & You – Choose You that I’ve put together and have had out for testing for the last little while!!! It’s a compilation of all the tools I have used over the years that have made a difference in healing my emotional eating […]

21 Days – it’s About You

21 Days – it’s About YOU Ancient Rule of 21: if you do anything for 21 days in a row, it will be installed as a habit.      –  Robin Sharma We were ALL born pure, innocent and full of love – somewhere along the line the story got distorted! The drug of choice […]


Bodies Real Bodies are fat, and thin, and both and neither and otherwise.      –  Hane Blank There is no wrong way to have a body!      –  Glenn Maria You were born to be real not perfect! Cuz You’re amazing just the way you are!!   The problem isn’t with your body […]

Self Love

Self Love     If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.      – Mandy Hale Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time! 🙂 Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that […]


Views   “Humans see what they want to see.” ― Rick Riordan,  (or I could add are programmed to see)    “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche “There are things known and there are things unknown, and […]

Living Beyond Bondage

Living Beyond Bondage Living Beyond Bondage came about for a Grant Proposal for Photography but mostly  for my 21 Days Food & You – Stop the Insanity Program AND the Raw, Naked and Beautiful Project.  Anyone who suffers from Emotional Eating will understand this and also benefit from the program hugely.  I will be sharing […]

Body Love

Body Love A little body love today!! You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” ― Amy Bloom “The human body is the best work of art.” ― Jess C. Scott “To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” ― Simone de Beauvoir “How beautiful would it be […]

My Journey with Food

My Journey with Food   It’s taken me a little while to write this as I truly wanted to be transparent as it hasn’t always been pretty.  For many many years I kept it quiet, hidden as much as possible as the shame, guilt and embarrassment was high. For many years I have had a […]

Living Thru Bondage

Living Beyond Bondage I have been working on some programs, grants and submissions recently bringing to light how many women truly are Living Beyond Bondage. This is just the start of truly opening up, sharing my journey, my healing and how so much in our every day world creates separation – mostly within ourselves, our […]

Conscious Eating


Conscious Eating What is Conscious Eating? Instead of eating mindlessly, putting food into your mouth almost unconsciously, not really tasting the food you’re eating, sitting in front of the tv or computer or the phone … you notice your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. You learn to pay attention to: Why you feel like eating, and what emotions […]

Higher Vibe Living

Higher Vibe Living My first video on Higher Vibe Living! I decided to create a short  video to share from my heart about moving in the direction of Higher Vibe Living – why and what it means to me and reaching out to women especially women who have and do struggle with emotional eating – […]