90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge So I have decided to really step up to the plate and start the 90 Day EPX Body Challenge over – if anyone is interested in joining me on the Challenge then click the link there to see my vid or go right to my Fan Page and click on The EPX Body […]

Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility! The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek.  If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, take responsibility for your part in the situation  – this was a hard one for me – learning that even the crap […]

When Life Gets You Down

When Life Gets You Down “I don’t know where I am going – but I am on my way!!” When life gets you down – the best thing to do is get back up and yell – ‘To hell with this shit!! ‘ Sorry sometimes you just have to be blunt!! and yes it’s also […]

Being Unstoppable

Being Unstoppable In my life experience so far, I have had many obstacles, walls and hardships come  my way. One of the best things I started doing was take responsibility for everything in my life – the good, the bad, the ugly oh and the great.  All of it was because of me – nothing outside of […]

Why Work From Home??

Why Work From Home?? Some people have that dream, some don’t and some don’t care either way – Most people though want more out of life but may be scared to make the changes needed. I have had the pleasure of working on my own for several years now, but most of that was still […]

In the Moment

In the Moment I went and had some fun at Italian Day where there was lots of music, food, sport cars and people!! You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. – Joel Osteen Part of being positive is being present as the present moment is all we have!! […]

Happy Body

Happy Body                                                                                                            […]

Healthy Eating – Made Easy

Healthy Eating  -Made Easy I previous mentioned that I was not going to talk about food much but interesting enough I have been in conversations the last few days and it keeps coming up for me.  I realize that all my studying, training, trial and errors, eating disorders etc that I do in fact know […]

The Past Doesn’t Have to Equal the Future

The Past Doesn’t Have to Equal the Future Many of us seem to get stuck in repeated patterns whether they serve us or not – believe me I know!!!  We sometimes don’t think we can change, are resistant to change, don’t know how to change or where to begin. I found this story and thought […]

Celebrate Life Today!!

Celebrate Life Today!! I was back home this past weekend and got to help my Nanny Celebrate 90 years young!!! How lucky am I?? Instead of waiting for milestones to celebrate life, living or anything – what could you do today to celebrate life – YOUR life? The fact that you got up and are […]


I don’t believe people are loooking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive!! Joseph Campbell What are you doing or could be doing to take you life, your living and anything else to another level of living??? Love tohear your thoughts JB

My Thoughts on Food

My Thoughts on Food I thought I would come clean on why I stepped back from food and creating recipes and teaching more about raw foods etc Besides there being so many food blogs, books, recipes, opinions, diets and classes out there – it has become a trend and almost a preoccupation. I was at a New Years […]