Raw Chocolate Pudding

Raw Chocolate Pudding

Where I live I don’t get to find young coconuts very often so when I go into the big city (lol) and find them especially on sale I am in heaven.

If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend it.  Young coconuts, both the liquid and the meat is not only tasty but very nutritious and you can do lots with them.  I look so forward to being able to make smoothies out of them for my morning shakes.

Here is a simple, quick,healthy and oh so tasty treat.  Good when you are craving that sugar.


For a good serving you will need to coconuts for this recipe. You will need to take the top off the coconut, which you can find in an early post here on how to do that.  Be careful as the liquid will start to come out, so I don’t take the top fully off until after I drain the water.


Once drained, take the top off and then with a bigger spoon, scoop out the white meat.  There won’t be a lot and it’s not hard like a coconut you are used to seeing.

Put it into your Vitamix or blender.

Add in

2 tbsp Organic Cocoa Powder

2 tbsp Maple syrup (not raw) or Honey (not vegan) or Agave –  I tired using Stevia with this recipe and it just didn’t taste good I much prefer one of the others.

1/4 cup of the coconut water (approx) depending on how creamy or thick you ike it

vanilla  optional I like to throw in a little of the vanilla bean itself

Process until smooth

Some variations after processing it are adding in some Chia seed and  / or sliced up bananas or other fruit.

It’s yummy and takes care of those sweet cravings!!

Enjoy and please share this if you like it!!

Thank you







Ahhh it’s that time of the year…January…after the Christmas / New Year’s bustle, January can be a hard time for some people.

The days are short, and many missing the sun,  not to mention the warmth too depending on where you live.

We got some snow here this week, which isn’t always typical where I live, kids love it, so does my dog Spirit.

I watch as this 9 year old dog turns into almost puppy like.

I watch him enjoying the moment and being.

I watch him be playful.

One of my favorite things to do is walk Spirit through the rain forest here.

I am always in awe of the beauty.  Nature is abundant and ever changing, adapting.

It’s quieter this time of year.

The animals are nestled in more with their little extra fat or store of nuts.

Just like we are……or some of us.

We are suppose to take the time when the days are shorter to listen to our bodies more, go within, rest, be……

Some of us instead of going within a little more, distract ourselves with mindless tv or trips to the fridge.

Sometimes we have been so busy doing it’s hard to just be……trust me, I know…..been a multi tasker most of my life and thought that was something to be proud of.  Was so busy doing…….especially as a single mom, I had no idea how to be……I am still learning.

Walking in nature helps me with that for sure, I let go of my next thing I have to get done and really look with my eyes and see the beauty that surrounds me, never looking the same depending on the time of day or kind of light.  I am learning to be….be me….and just be…..still….in the moment.

I am starting to carry my camera with me on these outings as I just never know what I might see.

How much do we miss by keeping busy, watching tv, multi tasking or worrying about things?

Take a minute, take a deep breath, let go and look around, don’t think, just be, maybe you will see something you’ve been missing, or maybe you will catch the sunset  or some other beauty that has really been there all along,

Have a beautiful day!!


Raw / Vegan Green Soup

If after the holidays you are left feeling sluggish, a little heavy feeling, maybe a few extra pounds on as well, then this you may like.
I also know after the holidays of some over indulgents this may also seem boring, but you and your body will love you for it!!
It’s easy to make, quick, simple, healthy, tasty, nutritious , full of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, and will help you lose that sluggish, tired and feeling a little full feeling!!

Great for lunches, light dinners or even a snack.

Green Soup

–  Big Handful of Organic (if possible) Spinach

–  1 chopped up Carrot

–  1 chopped up Celery stick

– 1 clove of Garlic

–  juice of 1/2 Lime (or Lemon)

– 1/2 cup Parsley

– sea salt to taste

–  1/2 Avocado

–  3/4 cup Water

Throw all ingredients into your Vitamix or blender and blend until smooth.  For more of a creaminess you can add the whole Avocado or cut back a little on the water, if you want it thinner add a little more water.

This is a guideline, but you can throw any vegetable in, but you want lots of greens….spinach , kale, collards etc and herbs….use any that you like.  Garlic and salt adjust to your liking……just don’t use table salt!!

If you want it warm, you can slight warm it on the stove, BUT do NOT heat it or boil it as it will kill all the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  We are programmed to eat HOT foods or think we need them and I know at times living in the rainforest here that I want warming foods……add spices like cumin, chili peppers etc to warm you up inside.

Experiment with the flavors and if you are needing to chew, when you’ve got the soup to how you like it, throw in a few veggies and just pulse for a min or two so you will have a chunky soup or have some crackers with it.



Happy New Year!!!

So 2012 is now here…….did you have a great New Years? Did you set any New Years Resolutions or Intentions?

Yes I know I am a little behind, I had full intentions of getting this out earlier but we had a death in the family New Years day and I have been doing some thinking about life and living since then.

Every year it seems most of us set resolutions or goals……they have a list of the most favorite top 10 NY’s Resolutions……you know…quitting smoking, lose weight, get into better shape, make more money, work less, spend more time with family, tame the bulge……. but by March we are back where we once were, resolutions forgotten. Now, we made them with good intentions, or maybe after a few glasses of bubbly….so what is the trick?


Life is too short not to be living the way we want to be. Set your intentions…….be very clear on what you want, the more clarity the better. write it out, see it, feel it and believe it. For instance, lets say you want to lose weight…..don’t just say I want to lose weight or even 10 lbs……yes you can say I want to lose 10 lbs, but how will that feel, what will you look like? Will you feel and look healthy, alive more vibrant? Then picture that. Create a dream board with photos on it or with one of the new phones you can record you goal….get detailed about you will feel and listen it to every day especially when you are feeling weak or want to give up.
Clear intentions……..I know I have set mine out, wrote it out and even voice recorded mine so I can listen to it every day… I want to make every day count……isn’t that what’s life all about??
Here’s to making 2012 our best year yet!!!


Fresh Fruit Pie

Fresh Fruit Pie

Easy, healthy, quick, tasty and raw!! People won’t believe it….what else can I say??



Read more


I did a short video on Why Breakfast and the importance of it for healthy eating & feeling.

Please feel free to share it, like or or leave a comment.

Here’s to your health!!


Low Fat Pesto

Eating healthy and fresh is so much easier in the summer and right now Basil seems to be abundant!!!

Here is an easy low fat Pesto sauce that makes for a great dip or spread.

Low Fat Pesto

– 1 can Navy beans

– 1 cup Packed fresh Basil leaves

– 1-2 cloves garlic (depending on how much garlic you like!!)

– 1 1/2 tsp sea salt (adjust to taste)

– juice 1/4 lemon

– 1 tbsp cold pressed Olive oil

Put all ingredients into a food processor, blend until smooth.

Use as a dip for crackers, carrots, celery etc or use as a spread of Rice cakes, cabbage leave or some other flat bread style of your choice.  You can add chopped tomatoes, spinach or whatever you would like.


What’s Eating You??

Have you ever stopped to think or ask yourself  ‘Do I eat to live or am I living to eat’?

With being overweight and obesity becoming an epidemic in North America, it’s pretty clear to the answer to that question.

On my journey with  dieting, eating disorders, different diets or ways of eating (vegetarian, raw etc)  I know what it is like to have an affair with food.  Good, bad and ugly!!

For years I could pre-occupy myself with counting calories, no matter how little or big that number was, weighing myself, sometimes many times a day, fat counting, then when it came to carbs, proteins etc I gave that up. Focusing on what I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat, which really lead to binging many times -( love those guilt feelings and beating self up), to what was in the name…..whether it was a type of diet or way of eating…….”Oh no I can’t eat that I am a Pescararian Vegetarian (ha just not a regular vegetarian too boring), to a Raw Foodist – I did enjoy the looks I got from people as I could tell they were thinking I ate raw meat!!

This is the best one yet….”I’m a level 5 vegan….I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”…….no I can’t take credit for that one!!!

Really those were all just a diversion to what was really going on inside of me, a way to tune out or put my focus on something else, something outside of me.  When that inner lonliness or emptiness gets paid attention to and filled by other means, and usually taking time for ourselves or loving ourselves, that emptiness, that well gets filled from within, from a healthy source and we don’t need to eat in the sense of overeat (and sometimes it works in the other way of not eating) we can then nurture properly.

Food can and is an addiction like alcohol, drugs cigarettes and so on.

Here are 2 things to consider, when you are eating, eat… nothing else –  no tv, computer or phone, very little to drink or conversation….focus on eating, tasting and experiencing the food, one mouthful at a time with lots of chewing… other words be present.

Listen to your body.  When you do the things above your body will tell you when it’s full, when it feels good or not (especially after eating some foods) and what it really wants to eat……it may surprise you.

Find a way of being creative or expressive…dance, art, writing or something…….without judging yourself on how well or bad you are doing it, if it feels good do it!!!!

Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF no matter what!!!!

We didn’t come down to experience earth to spend time beating ourselves up, let go of the things you can’t change, all the yesterdays that are over and be here now loving what is………..make it a great day.

Eat to Live!!!


Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

You can watch a short video on how to make this quick, easy, tasty and healthy dish or just scroll down below and get the recipe and do it your way, either way enjoy!!!

– 1 cup Pecans or Walnuts
– 4- 6 Madjool Dates ( or raisins approx 1/4 cup)
can adjust for sweetness
Put into processor and blend up till crumbly. What is left over (if any) can be stored in a container and kept in the fridge.

Cut up 1 apple in a bowl (or several if more than one person) and sprinkle nut mixture over top.
Eat and enjoy!!!

Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce

You can watch the short video on creating a quick, easy,healthy, nutritious and oh yes tasty meal or just get the recipe from below.

Enjoy and please share it with someone or leave a comment  if you like it!!!!


–  1/2 cup Cashews

–  4 Roma Tomatoes chopped into big chunks

–  1 Red Pepper cut into big chunks

–  1/2 cup Basil

–  1/2 cup water

–  4 cloves Garlic cut up into big pieces

–  2 tbsp cold pressed Olive Oil ( optional – I didn’t add this in i the video but i did after and I thought it gave a taste, without it it tastes more fresh if that makes sense)

–  pinch Sea Salt

Through everything into the Vitamix, blender or processor and blend until smooth, adjust amounts for taste.  Good on Zucchini pasta or any other type of pasta.