Hemp Hummus

Hemp Hummus


When I was pregnant with both my kids (now seems like many moons ago) I ate so much hummus that it’s amazing that that wasn’t their first words when they started talking!!.  Seriously I even made Hummus sandwiches – I love it, still do and have usually always made my own since it’s so easy.  It’s a pretty basic recipe but what I wanted to show you here is how simple it is to add in Hemp to not only something like this but so many other dishes therefore upping the nutritional value big time.  Now a days we need all the extra help we can get!!

Did you know these things about Hemp?

Hemp production is probably one of the oldest industry on the planet.  Hemp in the past had many different roles from clothing to paper to rope to food.  One of the biggest conspiracies happened in the 1930’s  – Dupont Corporation, a newspaper publisher, a group of petroleum interests, the American cotton growing lobby, international bankers and a group of politicians led a crusade to ban hemp so it was out lawed in 1937. (David Wolfe – Superfoods).

Hemp can be used in so many ways it’s truly amazing!!

Canada also grows some of the best hemp!!

Hemp is a high protein seed containing all nine of the essential amino acids therefore making it an easy digestible protein.

Hemp has a lot of Essential Fatty Acids – significant omega 6’s as well as omega 3’s all good for our skin, reducing heart disease and stroke.

Hemp also has GLA’s knows as gamma-linolenic acid.

Hemp excels at absorbing minerals from the soil so is an excellent source of major and trace minerals especially iron.

Just to name a few things – so adding help into your way of eating is good and can be easy.

Try to buy organic Hemp, if in Canada buy Canadian Hemp as we have great growers and I’ve heard things but can’t validate what happens when USA Hemp crosses the borders.

Here are some suggestions of adding Hemp into things – for instance salsa, (mix in a tbsp or two), guacamole, sprinkle over salads, mixed into salad dressings, sprinkle over a stir fry (after it is cooked you really don’t want to heat hemp as it will lose most of it’s nutritional value), sprinkled on granola, used as the protein source in smoothies and I could go on.  Hemp can be added into most – but like I said I wouldn’t heat it very high.  Get creative and I try and get several tablespoons in a day.

 Hemp Hummus

Hemp Hummus

– 1 can Chic peas drained

–  1 – 2 cloves Garlic

–  juice of half Lemon

–  1/2 tbsp Tahini (can omit with adding Hemp in but I still like the flavor it adds)

–  2 tbsp Hemp

– 1 tbsp cold pressed Olive oil

–  2- 3 tbsp Water (depending on the thickness you would like)

Hemp Hummus

Throw all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth, you may have to scrape the bowl down a few times and i process mine a little longer as I like the smoothness and a bit of almost fluffiness to it (it’s not as heavy so to speak).

Eat and enjoy and if you like hummus as much as I do it won’t last long!!

Hemp Hummus

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Have an awesome day!!





Healthier Eating Basics

Healthier Eating Basics

There is so much confusion about what is healthy eating and what is not.  So much of it does not make sense.  I always sit in disbelief when one visits maybe a dietician and the list of foods to eat are well, I wouldn’t call some of them food lets just say!!!  Here I am trying to show you ways of adding more raw foods but also just healthier versions of food and eating.  You and I are different, our bodies are different, where we live are different etc so with saying that it is up to you and your body as your body knows what it wants especially the more we clean it up.  While eating 100% or almost works well for me during part of the year it doesn’t all year and that may be for you to depending on where you live.  I don’t have any food allergies but you may.  I may love certain things and well you may not.  I eat way more veggies than I do fruit, but the opposite may be true for you.

Here are a couple of things to consider for keeping it simple and eating healthier altogether as these are true no matter what else you may be eating…..

1.  Eat a lot of Greens, your diet should contain many greens and mix it up don’t eat the same old ones day in and day out.  Variety is       good and what is in season is good too.

2.  Eat real food, that is easy to figure out what real food is…….Ask yourself did it come from or was grown in nature or is it man made       or made in a factory?  (or come in a box or package)

3.  Cut out the whites – that is white flour, white sugar and anything made with them.  Not only do they bring nothing and I mean                     nothing to the body, (which means no nutritional value at all) they rob from the body as well, say no to the white stuff.

4.  Variety and Balance in all that you eat, mix it up don’t keep eating the same foods every day or week, we are meant to eat more of           what is in season but changing it up, getting creative is good.

5.  Keep it Simple – by that I mean the more natural and organic you can eat the better.  If buying any packaged foods read the labels,          you should be able to read the ingredients without pulling out some sort of food dictionary to figure out how to say the word or              what it is.  Also, consider this, if it has a shelf life longer than a dog’s life………well it makes you wonder??

Do you have any guidelines you follow??


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.  Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the founding father of natural medicine.

If we are in a time when obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and so on are at an all time high and we are beginning to understand or believe that it’s what we eat, then isn’t it time to really look at what we eat??

If what we eat gets us to one of those points, would it not make sense to start with what we eat as well?  But what does that mean to someone who’s life time has been consuming man made, processed, packaged ‘food’?

It doesn’t happen over night and I truly believe in flow and ease but with continual improvement and using the KISS method for starting out.

Which means asking yourself or being honest with yourself about where you are now and where do you want to be or feel?

What changes can you make or are willing to make?

Do you need a buddy or a coach or a program to help you get started or stay on track?

Can you start by cutting back on something or things or making shifts with some?

For instance, how much coffee are you consuming in a day? If it is more than 2 cups, can you reduce that down or go for decaf?

Is there cream and sugar in the coffee? If so, could you start cutting that out?

Instead of missing breakfast or grabbing whatever when you run out the door or at the drive thru, could you take an extra 5 minutes and make a green smoothie to sip on through the morning.

Instead of going out for lunch or the food court and getting usually fast food, could you bring your own lunch?  Now that is a huge win win as you will eat and feel better, do more for the environment (no take out containers) and save yourself money!!!

Could you start adding a salad to your evenings dinner? Or more veggies?  Or put out a veggie tray to snack on while preparing dinner?

Can you give up the snacks at night in front of the tv?  Can you let go of some of the tv watching?

If you were to start something today and build on it, think where you could be in a years time!!

Don’t have time to do this is what I hear often, and my response always is, when it comes to your health and well being, if you don’t make the time who will??

Food is to nourish our bodies.

Your deserve the best, believe it and go for it!!!

Here’s to YOUR health.

Have an awesome day!!!


Cleansing Green Soup

I have been playing around with the basis of this soup with different vegetables, but the other night I made an amazing one, too bad I didn’t record the actual measurements.  I usually don’t measure, I just throw things in the blender!  But here is basically what I added, play a little with the quantities to your liking, but this soup is so good and full of lots of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins.

– big handful of spinach

-1/2 cup sprouts

-1 – 2 cloves of garlic

-juice of 1/2 lime

-pinch sea salt

-some dulse

-1/2 avocado

-approx 3/4 cup water (or Rejuvelac which is what I used and will be going into that next post)

some cilantro (or parsley or whatever else you would prefer)

Blend all up until a smooth consistency and garnish with chopped green onion or what you would like.

I found this soup to be very cleansing and energizing.  (After a long day at the mall with the girls!! lol)


Hanging in the Mall….

Wow, it’s September already, where did the summer go??
I was in the mall the other day with four teenage girls, so off they went their way to go shopping and I had a little work to do, so I headed to the food court. We were in Vancouver in a big mall and the food court was a good size too. I have to admit, one of my things I love to do, quirky I know but I love to people watch and I guess because where we live, it is so much quieter and really no malls to hang out in, it was rather interesting this day.
I was amazed at seeing what foods were available and what people were eating (ok I like checking out grocery carts too in groceries stores, I know kind of weird, there is no judgement just curiosity at what people eat!!).
One thing I find interesting is how the sizes have gotten bigger over the years. Remember when, ok I am going to date myself here, but a small drink was about a 6 oz size and a large was maybe 12 or 14 oz? Well, it seems a small starts there…….and I have to ask, who needs that much sugar and junk in one sitting?? And what is the size of a large?? 32 oz and that is not the biggest for some places. In the states it only gets worse…..FREE refills!!!
And the cookies, remember the ones mom used to bake ( or someone at home), and they would fit into the palm of your hand and now they are the size of frisbees!!! But I only ate one cookie, I don’t understand why I can’t lose weight or feel crappy we hear now a days!!
Ok, I am being a little cynical here, but it was interesting watching what people were eating, totally emotionless and so many people, and this part I found rather interesting, had no sparkle to their face or eyes, it was like they were going through the motions of just eating.
Now, maybe it was just the day I was there, or the time or whatever. It made me wonder how many people really associate what they eat with how they look and feel and live life. And what we label as ‘food’. It made me realize how out of touch so many of us are with our food and health being connected.
Maybe I’m just going crazy or don’t get into the big city enough, or ahead of the times, but what ever happened to real food. We seem to have lost it somewhere.
Love to hear your thoughts!!

Here’s to Your Health

Food and You: for Better or Worse

I have a guest blogger for this post, from my dear friend Dr. Jane Gartshore, who has opened her naturopathic clinic here on the Sunshine Coast and is very passionate about helping people with their health.

Whether it makes us happy, healthy, sick or overweight, the food we eat is an integral part of our existence. Our relationship with food is life long and like relationships with people, there are ways to optimize the experience. We can choose foods that enhance our well-being and vitality or ones that sap it.For many people, the foods they crave the most are the worst ones for their health. Therefore, we can sabotage our happiness through the choices we make, whether conscious or not.

In a society where fast-food restaurants abound and fad diets come and go, it is difficult to know what food we should we eat. A healthy diet is not one size fits all. When designing one’s ideal diet, consider factors such as chronic health conditions, genetic and cultural heritage, food allergies and intolerances, body composition, absorption issues, and even blood type. Remember: Not all food allergies are immediate, potentially fatal reactions. Often people have a milder, delayed reaction where the symptoms are more subtle and can appear hours after eating the offending food. This makes it more difficult to identify the culprit(s). A blood test for the IgG antibodies can help solve the mystery.

Naturopathic physicians are well trained in cllinical nutrition and can help you turn your relationship with your diet into a happy support one.

Dr. Jane Gartshore
Unbounded Naturopathic Medical Clinic