I’ve been contemplating the concept of work for a while now. I mean, did we truly descend to Earth just to engage in jobs that many of us find unfulfilling or tolerate simply for the sake of money, which also consumes the majority of our days and consequently, our time? How much fun is that? […]

Through the Lens of Life

ICM and the Kaleidoscope of Perspectives In the world of photography, there exists an enchanting technique that transcends mere visuals—Intentional Camera Movement Photography, or ICM. It’s a dance of light, a waltz of hues, and an orchestra of fleeting moments, all captured in a single frame. Yet, beyond the lens, ICM has a profound metaphorical […]


Sometimes I think that we are living in a simulation controlled by the reigns of a destructive child who often gets bored or distracted, leaving us trapped inside feedback loops for years at a time. so why not spend your time doing things that bring resonance and coherence!!

ICM Photography & the Non-Linear Reality

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is a fascinating technique in photography that allows for a departure from the traditional, linear approach to capturing images. It’s a means of breaking free from the constraints of a static, realistic representation of the world. Let’s explore the creative and liberating aspects of ICM and how it can be a […]


People often inquire about my journey into ICM photography. My answer is a playful one, driven by curiosity and a desire to break all the rules. “I mean,” I tell them, “these days, everyone and their phone is a photographer.” But I am decidedly old school. My roots lie in the film days, wielding cameras […]

The Power Within

I read a very interesting post the other day, but the part that really caught my attention was this – ‘It’s a battle of power vs force. We have the real power; the divine, eternal power with which the universe was created. The other side doesn’t have it, it needs to use force, trickery, gimmicks, […]


Springtime is such a beautiful time. Everything comes to live after the winter months. Everything has it’s cycles. New beginnings, planting seeds, more aliveness. The one thing I love is all the flowers and their beauty! Which, many of us take for granted, walk past, too busy on our phones to notice the artistry, the […]


I spent last week in a Photoshop Summit – to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement but also very excited at the same time – my world just got bigger!! lol I have a ton of creative ideas in my head and yes I started shooting some of them, and spent last week learning […]

Happy Holidays

No matter where you are or who you will be with or not during these times, I wish you all the best and may 2023 be your best year yet!!   The person who can sit with themselves with no distractions and just be, not feeling alone nor lonely is truly free!!   Jodi xo

Help Feed the Kids

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege to accompany the founder and several people doing some teachings out to 2 out of 6 of the shelters for Kid’s Kitchen. Kids Kitchen was started approximately 5 years ago when it was clear there was a big need for it. Today, they are […]


Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my American friends and all the rest as why not make every day full of things to be grateful for!! I called this image Flow but really I should have called it Gratitude – Gratitude for all the beauty nature shares with us every day and in abundance! I am learning […]

Creative Block

  Again, it’s been awhile and did I hit a creative block!! My creativity has felt like it didn’t just go into hiding, it actually packed it’s bags and left! I got busy working too much with this frequency device as I got such great results from it to help heal my gut.  I couldn’t […]