The Ocean

The Ocean WE, as HUman BEings are all droplets of water and the ocean is the Infinite Awareness (Creator, Source, IA etc) When the droplet connects with the ocean where does the droplet end and the ocean start? It’s called Oneness and Infinite Love. We ARE all connected. It’s time to remember the truth of […]


The Street

  If Everything IS Energy, and Energy is constantly moving, maybe there is more than meets the eye between the seen and unseen………. Food for Thought! Jodi

The Sunset – New Work

I had a little show at a cafe / gallery – El Gato Feo Cafe in Ajijic, Mexico this past Saturday. The work is now up on my site and is available for sale. These will be limited prints.   The  Sunset One Sunset One Pier One Night One Camera One Girl yet, so many […]

Eye of the Storm

In the Eye

The cyclone derives it’s power from a calm centre. So does a person!!   –  Norman Vincent Peale   Jodi Ps – To see more artwork click here check out the book A Story of Our Souls

What We See

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination IS the language of the Soul. Pay attention to your imagination, and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled.   –  Albert Einstein   What we see……… If Everything IS Energy, and it is :), the range of frequencies (vibrations) that we “See” is a fraction […]

Sneak Peak


I’ve been busy working on an upcoming show at el Gato Cafe in Ajijic, Mexico, which is an awesome space and cafe. I’m excited as it will be my first show featuring my latest ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) or also called Impressionistic Photography. The theme is a sunset and of course perspectives 🙂 Here are […]

The Lover

    As I pulled back the covers and slipped out of bed I knew it would be the last time that I would be with my lover, We had connected and made passionate love, yet, in the moments after, came that feeling of uncertainty yet knowingness that the energy had shifted between us, the […]


IN Spirit sometimes we go through a dark period in our lives, if we don’t resist, don’t fight it, don’t become it, yet dive into it, breath and move through the darkness, we can and will come to a place of being stronger, clearer, and oh so much brighter with much more INspiration Jodi xo […]

New Site

Multiple Exposure

Hello I know, it’s been while but great things have been happening!!  I took a little break from posting and have had my site updated and totally transformed into Art Photography, something I’ve been dreaming about for awhile.  I decided it was time to take the dive! Well, and it’s been a Soul urging to […]


Color Sunset

Painting Watch more sunsets than Netflix!      – unknown I am learning to start painting with my camera – this was last nights sunset, which was rather different even shooting normal! I never get tired of seeing sunsets. No 2 are ever alike. How often do you stop and watch the sunset and see […]