Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction, that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey. Brian Molko  

A Rainy Sunday

A Rainy Sunday Rainy Sunday Dim Sum Sweater Umbrella Rainboots Snuggled with a Blanket Good Book Nap Hot Chocolate Content Love a Rainy Sunday!! JB

Creating Your Reality

Creating Your Reality So it’s been a couple of weeks since posting but boy have I been busy!! Not necessarily living life on my terms yet I did create it as I asked for it and got it – funny how that happens eh?? We are strong creators – we create everything, every moment in […]

Beautiful Living is Super Simple… Be Happy Today!!!

Beautiful Living is Super Simple……..Be Happy Today!!! So often we put off things thinking one day, or we clutter our lives we too much ‘stuff’.  Being able to purge after this move has been amazing – I have only kept things that make me happy and I love and love using.  It’s so freeing – […]

What if I Told YOU to Dream…….

What if I Told YOU to Dream…….   What if I told you that whatever you dreamed of you could create it with ease in your life in 30 days? Anything you desired – you could dream about being successful, having a ton of money, having a lot of friends, having a hobby that you […]

Be Yourself

Be Yourself Be Yourself NO Matter What!!  Don’t Be Afraid! Being Yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be! Don’t be afraid to stand out with YOUR uniqueness! No one can do it better than YOU – so Just Be YOU!!!! I think YOU are pretty darn amazing! JB

Letting Go

Letting Go Sometimes in life we need to let go – people, things, businesses, jobs unwanted feelings etc It’s not always fun or easy but sometimes necessary. When one is not in the flow and it’s a constant struggle, battle, fight, leaving you drained, empty, doubtful, wondering, confused, frustrated it’s not worth it. Sometime a […]

Inspirational Thought

Inspirational Thought Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. Oscar Wilde