Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Stop Paying Attention to What is Going on Around You

Don’t become too preoccupied by what is happening around you, Pay more attention to what is going on within you.

                    -Mary Frances Winters


Today, the day after winter Solstice is when Mercury comes out of Retrograde and is now in it’s shadow part.  I am not too much into Astrology – but maybe you noticed or felt it this time?? – this Retrograde was about reflecting, reviewing, revisiting on the past of 2017 and for some of us it was rather intense!

There is much on the internet for Astrology – Leo King, Kaypacha are my fav’s when I tap in.

Sometimes the Void is a Struggle – Just Surrender

Yet worth it!!

All good, yet not always easy as it feels like time is standing still.  For me I felt like I was in a void – once I realized this I knew I had to surrender and review.  When we can do that or spend some time in solitude, in nature, in quietness, in the question (not having an attachment or coming to conclusion) then we can allow in new energies, new thoughts, new beliefs and new ways of being for the coming year – 2018.

We learn to see and be from a new perspective which is a different energy which then creates a different life.  For me it has been extremely healing and expanding and growing!!

Quantum Physics and many people have proven that Everything IS Energy…….we ARE energy, consciousness, angels, souls or whatever other name you want to cal it – yet dressed up as a human while here on planet earth to learn some lessons, play, have fun, experience a wide range of emotions as once we return aka die – we go back to being pure love, light energy.

None of this will matter – as it’s ALL an illusion any ways……….a bit of a mind fuck isn’t it??  Yet when we approach it like that we won’t take it too seriously 🙂

What truly matters is how much did we love and how much were we able to give and be love.

It ALL starts with self.

Everything and Everyone is just a reflection back to us from our internal state of thinking and being.

Everything & Everyone IS Just a Reflection

Mercury rules the mind – our minds are very powerful – they are either working against us, with us or for us!!

Take some time before the end of 2017 to reflect and review to be able to be clear on what does work for you in your life and what doesn’t.

Create each day from the energy of being and feeling – joy, love, gratitude, bliss and whatever else that pleases you.

After all – it is YOUR life.!!


Much Love & Gratitude


Self Love is True Love

Self Love is NOT Selfish – You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself!!

The Dark Night

The Dark Night

The Dark Night



There are moments in life, or at least my life when things seem to be dark…….of course it could be my only my perception.  Not a depression so to say, just when things seem tougher, a struggle or emotions are coming up.

It could be too that I have been selling and giving away almost all of my belongings, all my things including my home, the last to go is my car and it’s any day now.

Yup – everything.

Tell me that doesn’t bring up one’s shit………..judgments, fears, stories, etc

It’s been kind of bittersweet to be honest.  Saying good bye to antiques I’ve had for years, one’s that I refinished and I love.

Oldest bar in New Orleans


Letting go.


My friends know and most understand or get it to a certain degree what I am doing.

Many people don’t know exactly what I am doing except I’ve been talking about going travelling.

Something I’ve talked about since I was in my teens.

Honestly I’ve never been out of North America…………..

November and December have been raining and grey – perfect time to go within and let go.


All the old crap that doesn’t serve me any longer, the stories, belief systems, types of work or doing things that don’t align with my soul.

I have been paying attention to what has been coming up for me – emotions, memories, sadness, excitement, overwhelment, doubt and probably everything else.

What has been great is I’ve had many awarenesses and have bee able to let go of some triggers, old childhood stories that no longer served me – when that happens you start to feel lighter, freer and more empowered.  You start truly connecting with your true essence or your source energy.

Old Gate



I have been watching The Leo King and Kaypacha Astrology reports and man it’s paralleling me right now!!

The whispering of my soul, my heart had been calling me, ever so quietly, then louder and louder – the new chapter is beginning!

Always through the dark night the light will shine again especially if you keep moving forward, breath and know this too shall pass!!

Can’t wait to share my next post with you as the new journey begins!!

Create a magical day!!

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